Why Henry Cavill Was Not Chosen As James Bond Of Casino Royale


Henry Cavill explains why he was ultimately not chosen to play James Bond for Casino Royale after being in serious contention for the role.

Henry Cavill explains why he was ultimately not chosen for James Bond Casino Royale after being in serious contention for the role. Based on the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming in 1953, the film is set at the start of Bond’s career as Agent 007 for MI6 as he takes on an assignment with bankrupt terrorist financier Le Chiffre in a high stakes poker game in Montenegro. while simultaneously falling in love with the treasure clerk tasked with providing Bond with the money for the game. Casino Royale would go on to become a smash hit, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and grossing over $ 606 million worldwide, propelling star Daniel Craig to international stardom.

The film came at an interesting time for the franchise as fan and critical opinion of the James Bond films began to deteriorate during the era of Pierce Brosnan’s sequel despite his acclaimed debut in Golden eye. Production banner Eon Productions chose to reboot the series with Casino Royale and began their casting search for a new Bond, with everyone from Karl Urban to Sam Worthington and Dougray Scott being considered for the role before Craig was cast. However, there was only one other actor who was vying for the role but failed.

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Cavill recently spoke with Initiated to discuss his journey from “a chubby childto the fit action star who audiences now know as. The 38-year-old star reflected on how this helped her audition for Casino Royale, revealing that Campbell told the 21-year-old he wasn’t thin enough for the role of Bond, but said the director’s comments came from a place of “mentoring and guidancefor the young actor rather than the one in bodily shame. See what Cavill had to say below:

“That was his harsh way of loving to say, ‘Look, mate, you’re in a Bond screen test. The next time you come to a screen test, really focus on making sure you bend over if it’s for something like Bond. “And I wasn’t chubby at all, but I was probably overweight from taking my shirt off in front of the camera.”

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU

It is well known that Cavill came close to playing the role of Bond for Casino Royale, although his revealing of his physical form is a new development in the story. Campbell has already confirmed that Cavill was in the running, but claimed the reason he wasn’t picked for the role was because he was simply “too young for this BondConsidering that the movie was meant to act as a kind of reboot for the character and explore his debut as 007, it always seemed odd that a 21-year-old actor would be deemed too young for the role.

Although Campbell’s comments regarding Cavill’s stature at the time of the audition for Casino Royale may initially frustrate some, there should be some reassurance in the actor’s assurance that the director came from a place Cavill was at the start of his career. The board would end up paying dividends for Cavill as he gradually got in better shape over the years until he landed the lead role in DC Extended Universe with Steel man, helping him to become more famous in the action genre and show more of his strength in Uncle’s man, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and The witcher. Craig stepping down as Bond after No time to die, the door is now potentially open for Cavill to show up again if he’s interested.

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  • No Time to Die / James Bond 25 (2021)Release Date: 08 Oct 2021

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