Which AARP Online Casino Games Are the Best


The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is one of the largest interest groups in the United States. Many people associate AARP with retirees. However, you don’t have to be in your prime to enjoy their benefits. AARP offers free games that players of all ages can enjoy.

On the AARP website, anyone can access free online AARP games. However, to better earn real money, you will need an AARP account. Once registered, you will have access to the full range of AARP casino games. The games are free and you can earn points for real money raffles.

There are many misconceptions about AARP. To help clear up some of the confusion, let’s take a closer look at online AARP games. In this guide, we’ll cover the best AARP casino games available and how to win real money with them.

History of AARP

AARP was founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired high school principal. Dr. Andrus previously created the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA). The NRTA and AARP were founded to help older Americans obtain health insurance. The United States did not adopt Medicare until 1965, so health care was hard to come by for retirees.

Starting with his fellow retired teachers, Dr. Andrus expanded his efforts with the creation of AARP. The NRTA still exists today but it is a division of the AARP. AARP continues to advocate for issues that affect older generations.

One of the key issues that AARP continues to engage with is health care. However, AARP has expanded its scope beyond insurance. The organization has also lobbied against changes to Social Security benefits in the past. Age discrimination is another issue that AARP has attempted to address.

In addition to political activism, AARP has also invested in scientific research. Their investments are general in issues that would improve the lives of older Americans. For example, AARP is investing $60 million in dementia research. AARP has also invested in new technologies such as sonar wristbands and balance-sensing scales.

What are AARP games?

AARP does much to advocate for the advancement of people over 50. However, they also leverage their online platform for more than activism. For example, on the AARP website, you can access dozens of free games. There are card, mahjongg and word games.

Not only does AARP have multiple game types, they also have different variations. For example, there are 10 free AARP mahjongg games online. There are also several types of solitaire and other card games available. Word game categories include crosswords, fillers, and quizzes.

Person handling a game of Texas Holdem

AARP also offers a selection of free online arcade games. Here players can access dozens of favorites. For example, there are several pool variations available. There are also bubble shooters, random games and tic tac toe. They even have a free online slot game that players can use.

The AARP site offers dozens of free games. However, to get the most out of the experience, you’ll need to be an AARP member. Paid members get access to even more games that can award AARP points. There is also an AARP app which includes many games from the website.

Can you win real money with AARP games?

One of the best features of the AARP website is that it gives players a chance to win real money. As stated above, certain games give players a chance to earn AARP points. Completing daily crossword puzzles can award a member up to 900 points. New members receive a welcome bonus of 1,000 points.

Once you have your points, you can redeem them for a variety of prizes. One of the most popular ways to use your AARP points is to purchase lottery tickets. Currently, AARP is holding weekly real-money draws for $1,500 each. A grand prize of $5,000 is also available.

In addition to entering sweepstakes, your AARP points can be used for several other prizes. You can use your points to buy gift cards, discounts at local stores, etc. Members can also access exclusive member-only rewards.

What are the best AARP casino games?

There are a wide variety of online games available on the AARP website. Some of the more popular options are similar to many online casino games you can find elsewhere. The AARP website offers both online poker games and slot machine games. We’ve listed some of our favorites below.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

In this online version of the classic poker game, you play against 5 AI opponents. When an opponent is eliminated, he is replaced by another player controlled by the computer. The new player will have one of the highest chip counts of anyone at the table. There is a cheat sheet included for players to learn the game as they go.

Poker Cards and Casino Chips, Texas Holdem Text

Texas Hold’Em Poker was developed by Arkadium. When you are eliminated, you can submit your score to the leaderboard. You receive AARP points based on your performance and the number of tokens. There is also a Spanish version of this game available on the AARP website.

The graphics in this game are not going to blow anyone away. However, the user interface is easy to use and all buttons are clearly labeled. Your opponents are represented by caricatures and their number of chips is always displayed. The difficulty level is quite low, so you should have no problem winning most hands.

5 rolls

This popular AARP free casino game combines poker and Yahtzee. Players have three chances to roll up to five dice. The goal is to get the highest combination possible. Hands are scored according to standard poker rules. There is also a multiplier available if all the dice rolled come out on the same color.

Once again, this game gives you the chance to try and break into the leaderboard. Points are awarded based on your ability to correctly match scores on the scorecard with your dice rolls. To win, you must complete all the boxes on the scoreboard.

A disadvantage of 5 Roll is that there is no competition. Essentially, you’re competing to see how fast you can fill the scoreboard. You can compare your time and score to other players. However, there is no head-to-head competition like in normal poker games. Still, this online AARP game gives you a chance to earn reward points.

Hollywood Dreams Online Slot

The last AARP casino game we are going to highlight today is a lost game called Hollywood Dream. While it might not be the type of real money slots that many are used to, you can still make a profit. This game uses symbols such as microphones, luxury cars, etc.

Slots at Harrah's Casino

Hollywood Dreams is a 5 reel, 3 line slot machine with 20 paylines. There are also wild symbols to help boost your winnings. Hollywood Dreams features both scatter and bonus symbols. Once you’ve cashed out, you’ll receive a score based on how much you’ve won. This score can even place you on the high score list.

This is another game designed by Arkadium. Like Texas Hold’Em Poker, the graphics aren’t too flashy. However, the user interface is easy to navigate and the instructions are clear. Overall, this is a sold free online slot game. If you’re lucky enough to win, you can redeem your AARP points for real-money prizes.


AARP has worked for decades to improve the lives of older generations. Part of their effort now is to offer free online AARP games. These games range from daily crosswords to Texas Hold’em. To learn more about the best real money online poker games, check out our recommended online casinos.


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