WASO at the cinema to play Casino Royale in concert


There can’t be too many musicians who are tenured into a state orchestral company and then sent home for five months, but that’s exactly what happened to WASO’s associate solo trumpet Jenna Smith.

“I passed my six-month trial in March 2020, the day we went into full business lockdown due to COVID-19,” said Smith, of Subiaco.

“It was a stressful time, but there was relief because I knew I had the security of this full-time job.

“I was able to celebrate with a very few of my colleagues but it was a very strange time.

“Now I pinch myself every day to get paid to play the trumpet and do something I love.”

The self-confessed Star Wars nerd admitted that his biggest highlight during those first six months at WASO was without a doubt playing the beautiful trumpet melodies and fanfares in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back in concert.

Smith and the rest of the orchestra will return to the Riverside Theater in January to continue the WASO at the Movies series with the recently announced Perth premiere of Casino Royale in Concert.

Armed with their instruments and a license to thrill, the musicians will perform David Arnold’s fourth soundtrack for the James Bond film franchise which featured Daniel Craig as a fictional MI6 agent.

“I remember watching Casino Royale pretty much on repeat when it came out,” said the 27-year-old.

“I was probably drawn to music without realizing it. I really like Daniel Craig as Bond, but I also like him in a lot of different movies, so maybe I’m a little biased.

“I’m really an action fan when it comes to movies. I like being able to watch something very visual, with all the suave and sophistication at the same time, which you can only do in a James Bond movie.

Born and raised in Sydney, Smith graduated in 2016 from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music after starting piano lessons at the age of four and switched to the trumpet at age seven because her older brother’s best friend played it. and that she thought he was very cool.

“He also lives in Perth now, but he’s more into the jazz scene,” Smith said.

“He came to see some of my performances with WASO at the Perth Concert Hall, which is really cool, and he takes absolutely credit for my career.”

WASO’s Casino Royale in concert is at the Riverside Theater, PCEC, January 21-22, 2022. Tickets on sale now.


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