These are the casino games for those with strategic brains


One criticism that many non-gamers have of casino games is that they are stupid. There is some truth to the fact that for some games slot machines don’t require a lot of brain work. Your chances of winning or losing don’t really depend on what you do.

This is not true for all casino games. There are some that really put your strategic brain to the test. Research has shown that doing puzzles and working your brain can help delay the onset of dementia and other degenerative brain diseases. Card games that exercise your strategic skills might have a similar effect. It’s never too early to start working on protecting your brain!

Play at an online casino found on sites like lets you test which games work best for your brain, without the cost and expense of going to a land-based casino. That way, you can try out all of the games below to find which ones you like the most and which ones pose the greatest challenge to getting your brain working.


Blackjack is one of the best casino games for working your brain and training your strategic skills. Part of its strategic appeal lies in its simplicity. All you have to do is get your cards to total 21, or at least get closer to the dealer. Go higher and you lose.

It almost seems too simple. In reality, however, it’s all about measuring the odds and trying to logically work out how close you can get to the cards that might stay in the deck. It’s an exciting game, too. Strategy isn’t just about doing the math and knowing the odds, it’s also about taking calculated risks in the hope that they will pay off. Blackjack is perfect for this.

Don’t cross the line between playing strategy and counting cards! Card counting is an awesome skill and without explicitly cheating most casinos frown on it and will ask you to leave if you are caught doing it.


If you need a real test of your strategic skills on multiple levels, there is no better game than poker. Poker requires you to be able to strategize on two levels: in terms of the cards and in terms of the human element. Card strategies require learning all of the different hands and combinations of cards that you can match to win. The better you know the cards, the easier it will be to surprise your opponents.

Being able to read people is one of the most important strategic skills a person can have. It can help determine the success or failure of politicians and business leaders. In our daily life, our ability to read people can help us make new friends, avoid conflict, and move forward in life.

Every casino movie that involves poker will feature a scene where reading someone’s poker tell is a major plot point. Casino Royal (2006) shows both learning to read people’s testimonials and when to use that knowledge for strategic purposes. You will probably never be in a situation where you try to outsmart international terrorists by outsmarting them at poker, but once you can read people well it will improve your poker skills.

Betting strategy

If you have a betting strategy, it can really turn any game of chance into a strategic business. Being able to stick to a strategy even when you’re on a losing streak requires courage, determination, and faith in the odds.

Betting strategies are not always grounded in reality, sometimes they are based more on superstition and flawed logic. However, sometimes there is a seed of logic and meaning in even the most unrealistic strategies.

One of the most popular and famous betting strategies is the Martingale strategy. The central strategy is that with each loss, the player doubles his bet. This would mean that even when a player has a bad losing streak, they will eventually win and recoup all of their losses. It is particularly popular with roulette but can be used with other games which have similar odds. Being able to stick to such a dangerous strategy forces the player to test their resolve, courage, and faith in the odds.

Casino games don’t need to call out images of retirees in their Hawaiian shirts, sitting in front of slots and thoughtlessly pressing buttons as they age and turn grayer. There are casino games that require a strategic brain and an element of skill. Playing these games could be a way to keep your mind active and healthy. Even if they don’t, they’re a great way to pass the time.


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