The scene of the Casino Royale which has aged badly


This is because – despite a reprimand from M (Dame Judi Dench) – it is clear that Bond’s actions are primarily viewed as a “rookie mistake” rather than an illegal and unnecessary use of force. While the scene is meant to illustrate the impulsiveness and lack of forethought of the newly promoted agent, it’s clear that audiences are meant to sympathize with Bond’s actions. Mollaka, after all, has a lot of blood on his hands. He’s a bomb maker and terrorist who tried to escape capture, so he’s “okay” with Bond acting as judge, jury, and executioner, and detonate an embassy in the process.

When the press reports on Bond’s botched and bloody attempt to capture criminal, the newspaper’s headline reads: “MI6 Kills Unarmed Prisoner”. M’s indignant reaction to Bond’s needed press condemnation is almost as unsettling as the agent’s actions. “Those bastards want your head,” M told him, after discussing the incident because of his “overdeveloped finger.”

The film’s superficial attempt to portray Bond’s actions as “bad” is immediately undermined by its press vilification and the ultimate justification for these actions. Secret agents, after all, kill bad guys. This is what they do. But that cowboy mentality coupled with Bond’s inexperience – following heightened public awareness of how such a combination frequently leads to the murder of innocent civilians in the United States – is a worthy moment. a step back in a film that does its best otherwise. modernize the protagonist of Fleming.


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