The impact of mobile gaming on the casino market? all you need to know


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The popularity of mobile games is reaching new heights these days, with more people than ever playing some of their favorite casino games on their smartphones. But why did this gambling boom happen and how did it affect the casino market?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this exciting space.

The rise of smartphones

Most people you know probably own a smartphone. In fact, in 2022, the number of smartphone users worldwide was 6.648 billion. This means that 83.72% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. That’s a 49.89% growth from 2017, which is just an amazing statistic.

Of course, smartphones aren’t just for making calls. Advances in technology mean people are using smartphones as replacements for cameras and tablets – and working, socializing and entertaining through their devices. And when it comes to entertainment, there are huge numbers of people who take advantage of casinos.

Online casinos – a boom

Online casinos are not really new. The first was launched in 1996 by Intercasino, and over the years the market has become incredibly saturated. And there’s a good reason for that: the current size of the global casino market is $59 billion and is expected to double over the next few years.

Experts have estimated that by 2023 it will be valued at over 92.9 billion. No wonder entrepreneurs and investors alike want to get involved!

And although space saturation has led to an incredibly competitive market, it has certainly been a good thing for those who love casino games. Indeed, to have an advantage, online casinos must not only create great apps for people to play on their smartphones, but also the best games.

The quality of games is improving more than ever, with investments in new technologies, sound design, animation and more. There is a huge range of games that can be played in online casinos, so there is something for everyone. From poker to video slots and more, there’s a game for everyone. Online casinos are constantly updating their range of games for their users. These days, when people play casino games online, they expect the best – and with a huge range of websites, sign-up bonuses and offers, it can be hard to build customer loyalty. .

Advantages of playing via smartphone

But why do people choose to play their favorite casino games on their mobile phones rather than going to land-based casinos?


The accessibility and convenience of playing games on their phone is one of the main reasons why people love mobile games. As mentioned earlier, many people own smartphones these days, and there are fantastic data plans available, which means people can play their favorite games from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you go out with friends or go to work, you can play casino games. It’s a convenient form of entertainment and a great way to pass the time, wherever you are.

But the element of accessibility goes even further. In the past, if people wanted to enjoy casino games, they actually had to visit a land-based casino, which is not everywhere. Some players would have to travel to enjoy the casinos, which is an additional expense. Now some of the best casino games are available in the palm of your hand.


One of the ways online casinos gain an edge over their competition is by offering top-notch security to their users to ensure their online funds are safe. The biggest online casinos use the latest technology to do this – protecting the private details and payments of players.

Always select well-known and licensed casinos and be sure to read reviews. You can also often access the security protocol and privacy policies of online casinos.

The pleasure factor

When it comes to casino games, it’s all about fun! What online casinos can offer compared to their land-based competitors is a truly impressive range and style of games, as they are not limited by space!

Online casinos can also add new games, digitally, much more easily than land-based casinos; and with so many editors out there, they are always looking to get the latest and greatest additions to their site.

A tech-savvy generation

The tech-savvy nature of younger generations means gamers are already used to enjoying games on their phones. This means they are more likely to try out casino games through apps – and keep doing it!

Of course, older generations are also becoming more tech-savvy and playing at online casino sites – and sticking around!

How land-based casinos keep their doors open

What is the future of online casino games? If the experts are right, it is likely that the market will continue to grow.

Land-based casinos will have to try new ways to retain customers in their physical locations. Live entertainment and an exciting food and drink offering are just a few of the ways land-based casinos attract customers to their buildings.

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