The best casino games to play for beginners


Did you know humans have been playing games for thousands of years? Our love of games has only grown from living rooms to department stores called casinos.

The first casino opened in Venice in 1638, but was actually a theater with a gaming wing. People came to see a show and played games during intermission.

When you think about it, it’s not that different from a night at the casino. Some people still come for dinner and a show!

Now the online casino is available on smartphones, so you don’t even have to visit a brick and mortar establishment. This has made it easier for people to play games wherever they are, sometimes they don’t even need a WiFi connection.

If you’re looking to get into online gaming, you probably want to know which games to choose. The truth is that there is no single answer as it depends on what you like and how you like to play.

Some people are afraid of making mistakes or losing a lot of money the first time. With all the options available, you can play for free to learn, or even just watch until you’re comfortable.

We’ve selected five of the best games for beginners, so you can give it a try and choose your favorite.

  1. Slot machines

Even if you’ve never set foot in a brick and mortar casino, you’ve probably seen a slot machine. Many pubs have installed slot machines, especially in the late 1990s.

Slot machines are very popular with new players because you don’t need any strategy to play. They’re also colorful, have music that sticks in your mind, and plenty of chances to win.

In casinos, it is common to see around 70% of the floor space occupied by slot machines. With the advent of online gaming, it is common to see entire sites dedicated solely to slot machine games.

As technology develops, slot machines become even more realistic. If you choose a game featuring Cleopatra, you won’t be transported to ancient Egypt, but the graphics will be amazing.

There are slots for everyone – whether you like dinosaurs, sports cars or AC/DC, there is a slot.

There are also amazing incentives for online gamblers. Most offer some form of:

  • Free game
  • Wild symbols that increase your winnings
  • Loyalty programs
  1. Roulette

Nothing could be simpler: choose black or red and place your bet. Roulette sounds familiar to many as they will have seen it in the movies.

If you have seen any of the following:

  • The deer hunter
  • casablanca
  • Diamonds are forever

Then you will have seen roulette. It may confuse you when you see the table, and beginners don’t know where to play the bets, but it’s easy.

There are 18 red slots and 18 black slots, so choosing red or black gives you a 50/50 chance of winning. If it lands on the green, all bets lose, but that rarely happens.

The next bet you can try is an even/odd bet. If you’re feeling brave, why not choose a particular number?

  1. black jack

Another game made famous by the movies, Blackjack comes in different forms. The object of the game is to bring your cards to a total of 21, or as close as possible.

In Blackjack, you always play the dealer, and he technically has to play until he goes broke. The first thing you need to learn in blackjack is the card values, which are:

  • Each numbered card relates to that number i.e. 4 is four
  • Each face is worth ten (J, Q, K)
  • The Ace can be 1 or 11, whichever is better for your hand.

It’s typical to be cautious when starting out in blackjack, but there’s a simple strategy you can adopt. Because 12 cards have a value of ’10’, there is a good chance that one of them will be the next card in the deck.

  1. Baccarat

Often associated with high rollers, Baccarat is an easy game that attracts casino regulars. If you want to learn, you can play mini-baccarat online.

The easiest way to explain it is that the cards must total nine, less than two or three cards. You can bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand.

The great thing about this is that you don’t make any decisions, unlike Blackjack. Your bets are made before the hands are dealt.

Baccarat is known to have the lowest house edge in a casino, which is why people play. It’s exciting because it’s easy to play and you can win multiple times in a row.

  1. Video Poker

Another game with a low house edge is video poker. You need to know how poker hands are ranked, so here’s a simple guide:

  • High card (in general, better not to play just for that!)
  • Pair (if you have a pair of aces you could be on a winner)
  • two pairs
  • Brelan (three nines, or three Js, etc.)
  • Suite (4,5,6,7,8) five cards in numerical sequence
  • Flush – five cards of any number in the same suit (diamonds, hearts, etc.)
  • Full house (trip AND pair)
  • Square
  • straight flush
  • Royal flush

It’s a good way to learn a little more about poker. You receive five cards and you decide which ones to keep.

Many find it easy to win, which is why it’s good for beginners.

To play any of these games, you can simply pull out your phone and search for “online casino”. Then a range of the best options will appear, and you can choose based on free games, bonuses, etc.


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