The 15 films that relate to the theme of Casino Royale


Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale reinvents the figure of James Bond. Daniel Craig as Bond plays a majestic role in bringing 007 back to action. From the Malagasy jungle to the beaches of the Bahamas, Bond embarks on a mad dash to stop mob banker Le Chiffre from winning a game of poker where the stakes are exceptionally high. This James Bond has everything you could ask for, action, adventure, suspense, you name it, and this multi-layered, action-packed, story-driven Bond film delivers it to you.

If you’re looking for movies centered around similar themes, you shouldn’t miss this.

1. GoldenEye

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Pierce Brosnan made his James Bond debut in Martin Campbell’s GoldenEye (1995). Bond embarks on a thrilling chase to stop the Russian crime syndicate from using the eponymous deadly space weapon. GoldenEye gives the James Bond series a modern take, with the introduction of high-tech action sequences.

2. License to Kill

License to kill

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John Glen’s 1989 film License to Kill is the sixteenth installment in the James Bond film series. James Bond is on a revenge mission to avenge the death of his friend by pursuing a drug lord. A fast-paced action movie, License to Kill is darker than most Bond films.

3. The world is not enough

The world is not enough

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Michael Apted brings back the Bond film series for its nineteenth installment. Pierce Brosnan plays Bond, who is tasked with protecting the oil magnate’s daughter. And, as he gets involved in his work, he discovers a nuclear plot that is brewing.

4. Die Another Day

die another day

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Lee Tamahori’s 2002 film Die Another Day returns Brosnan as Bond, who is forced into prison after being captured by North Korean agents. After his release, he continues his mission more savagely than before to sabotage the Korean terrorist and a diamond baron’s affair.

5. Spectrum


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Sam Mendes’ 2015 film Spectre takes Daniel Craig on a James Bond mission. Bond receives a cryptic message from his past, i.e. M, which leads him to uncover the truth about a sinister organization, SPECTRE. With the help of the daughter of an old nemesis, he enters SPECTER inside only to find himself surprised at the connection between himself and the enemy he pursues.

6. The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum

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Paul Greengrass’ 2007 film The Bourne Ultimatum cast Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, a highly skilled assassin. He suffers from amnesia and travels the world in search of a CIA agent. This film is a relentless, action-packed stunner that will give you a spine-tingling thrill.

7. Skyfall

celestial fall

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Sam Mendes’ 2012 James Bond film, Skyfall, in which Bond’s final mission goes awry, and agents around the world are ruthlessly exposed. As M’s Authority faces critical challenges, she trusts her ally to follow a lead to Silva to uncover his hidden and highly deadly motives.

8. The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity

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Doug Liman’s 2002 action thriller The Bourne Identity is the first installment in the Bourne series. While Jason Bourne suffers from dissociative amnesia, he is found rescued, almost on the verge of death near an Italian fishing boat. However, amnesia does not prevent him from discovering his extraordinary talent as a fighter and his self-defense abilities, which speak volumes about his past.



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The phenomenal director, Steven Spielberg, in his 2005 thriller drama Munich puts a fictional spin on the true tale of the aftermath of Black September. He talks about Israel’s response to the horrific murder of 11 athletes at the 1972 Olympics. A team of five highly trained members are tasked with killing the terrorists.

10. Bastille Day

bastille day

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James Watkins’ Bastille Day is an intense, action-packed film that features Idris Alba as a rogue CIA agent. He forms a bond with a pickpocket to bring down a terrorist plot. Richard Madden plays pickpocket Michael Mason, who seeks to prove his innocence amid an international conspiracy.

11. American Assassin

american assassin

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Michael Cuesta’s American Assassin is a captivating action thriller. Dylan O’Brien stars as Mitch, who vows revenge for the death of his girlfriend in a terrorist attack. He is trained in counterterrorism and enlists in the CIA to end terrorism. It’s a high-adrenaline spy movie that will immediately draw you into its storyline.

12. Tomorrow Never Dies

tomorrow never dies

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Roger Spottiswoode’s James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies takes Bond, played by Brosnan, on a fast-paced mission. He sets out to stop a media mogul from carrying out his fatal plan. The tycoon is looking to start a war between China and the UK to gain media coverage that will attract viewers from around the world.

13. Along Came A Spider

Came a spider

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Along Came a Spider, the 2001 film by Lee Tamahori is a mystery thriller that stars Morgan Freeman in the lead. A senator’s daughter, who is under Secret Service protection, is unexpectedly kidnapped from a private school. Freeman, who plays Alex, a detective and psychologist, investigates as he battles his own personal grievances.

14. Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus has fallen

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Antoine Fuqua’s film Olympus has Fallen features Gerard Butler as Secret Service agent Mike Banning. He is trapped in the White House before a terrorist attack is about to give way. Aligning himself with national security, he seeks to rescue the kidnapped president and other hostages.

15. The Stranger

the stranger

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Martin Campbell’s 2017 film The Foreigner is an action thriller that is undoubtedly a must-watch movie. Quan, played by Jackie Chan, is a businessman who is forced out of his normal life after his daughter is killed in a terrorist attack fueled by self-motivation. He relentlessly pursues the terrorists and enters into a nasty conflict with the British government.

These films open up a familiar cat-and-mouse avenue between the good guys and the bad guys. However, each of these action movies has its own distinct flavor and fights its demons, making it a compulsive watch. The Bond films, the Bourne series, and other phenomenal films of this genre capture the full extent of fast-paced, action-packed endeavors. So get ready to experience the shady terrain of films that speak a language similar to Casino Royale.


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