Tarantino’s plans for a James Bond rival (after losing Casino Royale)


after losing Casino Royale, Quentin Tarantino has already planned his own rival British spy film. Apart from Jackie Brown – who adapted Elmore Leonard’s rum punch – Tarantino has only made scripts based on his own original ideas. Over the years, he’s pondered taking on famous franchises, with his failing star trek film one of the most recent examples.

Another was Tarantino’s failed attempt to adapt Casino Royale in the early 2000s. As EON productions never owned the rights to Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel Casino Royale, they were unable to adapt it. The book, however, was turned into a terrible parody in the production company Bondferent of the late 60s. After completing the Kill Bill duology, Tarantino expressed interest in casting Bond star Pierce Brosnan in a 60s setting Casino Royale. He sought to make a faithful adaptation of the book, possibly starring Uma Thurman as Vesper Lynn.


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Towards the end of 2004, Tarantino’s Casino Royale hopes were dashed. Brosnan was dropped from the 007 role and confirmed producers rejected Tarantino’s pitch. Casino Royale turned out to be the next adventure and launched Daniel Craig’s James Bond movie. In the aftermath, Tarantino was openly frustrated with the move, saying the producers essentially stole his idea of ​​making the film and so he didn’t watch the 2006 film. He also expressed interest in making his own. rival spy film, adapting Len Deighton Game, Set & Match trilogy of books.

Why Tarantino’s Samson Movies Didn’t Happen

The first novel Berlin game was published in 1983 and followed MI6 agent Bernard Samson, who is ordered to rescue an undercover agent from behind the Iron Curtain. He also has to worry that one of his colleagues – including his wife – is a potential double agent. Game, Set & Match was previously adapted for British television in 1988, with Samson played by the late great Ian Holm. Talk with Sight and sound (Going through dark horizons), Tarantino – who also wanted to remake Rambo’s debut first blood – stressed his interest in the trilogy and plans to adapt the three books into a single film.

The director said: “It would be interesting if I could cut the three novels down to one hour each and make a three-hour movie that would have a big impact, just by responding to the characters, and the wonderful luck of having actors in it, and the beautiful surroundings of the living room and the cottages in this part of East Berlin, with the wall still there and all.” In other interviews, QT mentioned some of the actors he would like to cast, including Simon Pegg, Kate Winslet, and Michael Caine.

The latter would be particularly fitting, as Caine has played Harry Palmer in adaptations of Len Deighton’s books. Evidence of Tarantino’s fandom for Deighton’s work can also be found in Jackie Brownwhere we see the character of Robert Forster reading Berlin game. A Tarantino Game, Set & Match the adaptation would have shown his unique take on a Cold War spy saga and would no doubt have been more grounded than the 2006 one Casino Royale – which has been adapted three times. Like many of his mentioned projects, it seems that Tarantino has lost interest in Game, Set & Match adapting over time and decided to focus on his own original concepts.

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