Tamil Nadu government investigates impact of online casino games

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The Tamil Nadu government has announced the establishment of a four-man committee to investigate the impact of online gambling on people’s lives.

There are ways people can protect themselves from such issues if they are gambling on a reputable site, for example, with appropriate responsible gambling measures in place. This is something that is covered in this guide that must be followed. However, not everyone takes steps to reduce the risk of becoming addicted and this is a concern for the government of Tamil Nadu.

What is the purpose of the four-member committee?

The committee set up by the government of Tamil Nadu consists of four people. They watch online rummy and similar games. Once they have completed their research, they will make recommendations to the government of Tamil Nadu.
The research will include examining advertisements that promote gambling apps. The results will include details on the impact online gambling can have on individuals.

What will happen to the broader Indian online gambling market?

It is estimated that around 40% of people in India have gambled online at least once. Much of this gambling is done using offshore platforms as there is nothing legally stopping people from using them right now.
The most trusted of these platforms offer features designed to protect people from significant financial loss due to gambling, such as limiting spending and hours of play, taking time outs, and self-exclusion. However, some people still have problems becoming addicted and losing large amounts of money.

It seems that the government of Tamil Nadu is looking into how to solve this problem. Depending on the results of the committee’s findings, other states may follow suit. This could impact the way Indians play online and make it more difficult. The coming months will reveal if this is likely to happen.

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