Sunrise Gaming by DAO is dedicated to the decentralization of casino games



Our casino game is fair and non-fraudulent. The whole operation is entirely on the blockchain. Most other “blockchain” casinos only use the blockchain when deposits and withdrawals take place, or when using the lottery system, or when displaying results. However, there would be no blockchain casino that is fully operated on the blockchain like SUNRISE GAMING BY DAO. We believe the blockchain casino should be fully operated on-chain. That’s why we believe SUNRISE GAMING BY DAO will change the online casino industry

Traditional issues

There are three traditional problems, as shown below.

  1. Similar to non-blockchain online casinos
    Use cryptocurrency only as deposit and withdrawal
  2. The fairness of games cannot be verified since the game itself is operated in a black box.
    The results are stored on the blockchain, while the game itself is not operated on the blockchain.
  3. Delayed or Invalid Withdrawals. (Maybe theft)

The fund is deposited in a wallet owned by a centralized management team, and the numbers in the database will only change when you play casino games.

Our Solution

In order to solve the three traditional problems mentioned above, we have developed the solutions through our blockchain technology.

Our first feature is transparency. All revenues will be published on the Blockchain. All results will be published on the blockchain. These include the user’s income and their expenses, all of which will be published. This means that all income from Sunrise Gaming by DAO will also be published on the blockchain. Blockchain proves deduction rates and RTPs (Return to Player) can be seen by the public, which means Sunrise Gaming by DAO does not steal profits and is transparent.

Our second feature is that there are no vested interests. Anyone can be an owner. SUNRISE GAMING by DAO is a decentralized service and an ecosystem where everyone has the opportunity to become the owner of the casino. Here’s how it works. All proceeds will be 100% distributed to SUNC holders, NFT owners and players. The overall breakdown is divided into four parts.

  • SUNC holders 30%
  • NFT owners 30%.
  • Jackpot games 20%.
  • DAO Fund 20%

Finally, the third characteristic is “the democratization and the way important decisions are taken by vote”. Important decisions will be made by a majority vote of users who hold the SUNC token, which is the governance token of this project. 20% of the proceeds are kept in the DAO fund and its use is also decided by vote.

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