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Hoiana Suncity, the premium casino at the heart of Hoiana’s development and managed directly by Suncity Group, intends to stand out.

There is an old adage that if you’ve seen a casino you’ve seen them all, but that doesn’t mean all experiences are equal. Open to its first guests at the end of June 2020, with a grand opening planned for mid-2021 pending the resumption of international leisure travel, Hoiana Suncity is the first casino in the world specially designed, built and managed by a VIP promoter, or junket, with the listed subsidiary of Suncity Group, one of three investors in the massive US $ 4 billion integrated resort project that is Hoiana.

“Hoiana Suncity is the entertainment complex of Hoiana, Vietnam’s first integrated beachfront resort, and aspires to be the best entertainment hub in Southeast Asia,” says Alex Khoo, Managing Director of Hoiana Suncity .

“We have taken unique Vietnamese culture and hospitality to heart and incorporated it into everything from our design features to our service standards. The mystery and beauty of Vietnam is part of everything we do.

“Hoiana Suncity provides our customers with state-of-the-art, best-in-class entertainment and experiences in Vietnam and Asia.”

Hoiana’s joint venture operating entity CEO, Hoi An South Development Ltd, Steve Wolstenholme, adds Steve Wolstenholme: “It’s the people who work there that make it unique. Central Vietnamese charm, in our customer experience. This is important to us because we are very close to Hoi An and Hoi An is recognized worldwide as this charming and culturally alluring Vietnamese experience.

A central part of Suncity’s drive to become a full-fledged casino and full-fledged IR operator – over the past 12 months, it has acquired a controlling stake in Summit Ascent Holdings and its Russian Crystal Tiger casino, and has signed an agreement to develop a hotel and casino in the entertainment city of Manila – Hoiana Suncity aims to provide customers with the features that have made Suncity the leading VIP market promoter in Asia.

Managed by Suncity Group subsidiary Suncity Group Management Consultancy Limited (SGMC), Khoo claims that Hoiana Suncity “offers the same level of premium Suncity hospitality service in Vietnam as it is known in Macau and other regions. “.

To achieve this, he adds, the casino uses IGT’s casino management system while deploying Suncity’s own proprietary system for table and player transactions. Suncity’s Baccarat display system is also integrated, displaying the preference of route indication varieties with special lighting characteristics with a ‘modern look and feel’, as is the customer relationship management system. (CRM) of the company in the Rewards Club, aimed at streamlining the membership experience.

Walker Digital provided its tabletop system and Paltronics provided the jackpot system and multimedia display for the slots, while EGMs and ETGs include products from Aristocrat, Scientific Games, IGT, Aruze, Interblock, GameSource and Spintech. .

Once fully equipped in 2021, the casino will have 140 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines, split between VIP, premium and mass and over three distinct gaming areas, including an exclusive Sky Casino, covering a total area of ​​10,415 meters squares.

As a primarily high-end operation, VIP will include the majority of these tables with 86 reserved for VIP gaming and another 18 for premium games, leaving 36 for the main gaming floor. There are currently 346 operating gaming machines of which 53 are premium slots and the remaining 293 are on the mass floor.

According to Khoo, Hoiana Suncity will offer its customers an unprecedented variety of entertainment options, both on the playground and in the surrounding complex.

“Customers today are looking for a unique blend of experiences and entertainment,” says Khoo.

Managing Director, Hoiana Suncity, Alex Khoo.

“Hoiana offers the uniqueness of Vietnamese culture and the authenticity of Vietnamese hospitality.

“Our clientele caters to a broad spectrum of clients who seek unique experiences with a combination of gaming, recreation, lifestyle and entertainment options.”

In the long term, the ambition is even greater. Although only one casino in Vietnam, Corona Resort & Casino in Phu Quoc, is currently licensed to play locally under a three-year pilot program announced by the government in 2017, there is still room for expansion. , and Khoo does not hesitate to do the same. intentions to Hoiana Suncity.

“At the moment, the casino only allows international travelers and locals with international passports,” he says, “but over time we are committed to proving ourselves by establishing our capabilities and demonstrating our integrity. commercial development in the local market.

“When the time comes, we’ll be ready. “


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