Rounders + Molly’s Game + The Cincinnati Kid + Casino Royale + Smart Money + Deal: Poker Movies Everyone Should Watch


Almost everything imaginable and unimaginable has been made into a movie. With all the glitz and glamor that poker has received from the mainstream media, poker cannot be an exception. But have you ever thought about which poker movies are worth watching? There are plenty of poker movies to choose from, but we’ll show you which ones you should watch at least once.

Nothing compares to the drama and thrill of a poker movie for a poker fan. Seeing if the main character has what it takes to win can create suspense like nothing else. Many Hollywood movies have attempted to make exceptional films based on the game of poker over the years. Casinos are the perfect places for white-fisted climactic storytelling, whether it’s intense looks shared at a deck of cards or a stone poker face that amplifies stress. When done right, a great poker movie does more than just give viewers a sense of high stakes poker and rivalry. It also explores the social and exhilarating aspects of the game, as well as the impact of the game on everyone involved. These poker movies will keep you going if you are new to the game.


Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) is a rehabilitated player who is at the center of the story. He’s back at the table because a friend has asked for his help in paying off a loan shark. Nothing could stop him from becoming the best poker player in the world afterwards. Because it’s not about teaching people what poker is about, this is one of the best poker movies. The storytelling was so fluid that she didn’t even bother to clarify what was going on at the table. The only thing that matters in this movie is that Mike McDermott wants to be the best.

Hardly anyone noticed it when it was introduced. However, it instantly became a cult sensation when the poker renaissance began. It will be considered one of the best poker movies of all time.

Molly’s game

Fans of underground poker and celebrities will enjoy this film, which is based on the book of the same name. Molly Bloom graduated from law school and moved to Los Angeles. The video tells her story of hosting some of Hollywood’s most prestigious and exclusive high stakes poker events. Celebrities, professional athletes, wealthy businessmen, gangsters and other characters appear in his games. The money comes in, but so does the FBI review. The film garnered a lot of positive reviews and was nominated for numerous awards. It goes on to become one of the most beloved poker movies of all time.

The Cincinnati Child

The Cincinnati Kid, directed by Norman Jewison, contains some of the most gripping poker footage ever seen in a fictional movie. Eric Stoner, aka The Cincinnati Kid, is an aspiring New Orleans poker pro from the 1930s who is dedicated to rising through the ranks of the city’s top players. Steve McQueen plays it. Lancey Howard (Edward G. Robinson), the league’s best and most accomplished player, is Stoner’s target. But, as Stoner worked his way up the ranks, he ended up facing Lancey in a tense heads-up, five-card stud match.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is by far the most card-loaded James Bond movie of all, although it’s not just a poker movie. Bond flies to Montenegro to stop a terrorist financier named Le Chiffre from winning big in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, which takes up most of the second act. Long segments of high-class poker games are featured in the film, complete with tuxedos, fine drinks and a stunning setting. It’s poker in its most elegant form, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Smart money

When it comes to criminal capers, this one is more of a felony than capers, and it’s all the smarter for it. Although the two guys played most of the gangsters in the 1930s movies, this was the only opportunity for Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney to share the screen. The plot revolves around Nick ‘The Barber’ Venizelos, who was half bet by his customers to play in a high stakes poker game, only to be duped and forced to fight for revenge by saving for the buy. -in everywhere again. It’s a real classic.


Burt Reynolds and Bret Harrison star in Deal, a 2008 poker drama film. Tommy Vinson, a former cardshark, coaches young Alex Stillman in this film. Tommy agrees to cover Alex’s expensive tournament entry fee if he follows his instructions to the letter. Tommy and Alex make the final table of the World Poker Tour tournament, as fate dictates. Will the boy make a name for himself or will the master win the most prestigious poker title and get the respect he’s never had before? This film was not a box office success and received mixed reviews from critics. It is nevertheless one of those films with some of the best theatrical performances in poker.


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