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Recently, roulette has gained popularity among gamers. Like the others online casino games, this is a unique opportunity to relax, have fun and make an average evening more exciting. However, it is important to have patience and luck to make it more enjoyable.

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Types of online roulette

Like all online casino games, roulette has several types:

● European;

● American;

● French.

They differ from each other in appearance, technical characteristics and distribution rate. For example, in European roulette there are 37 numbers from zero to 36. If the ball drops to zero after spinning the roulette wheel, you will lose your entire stake. With these rules, your odds of winning are 97.8%.

If you choose American roulette, it will be a bit more complicated. The probability that you will win the cash prize is 94.2% because the wheel has a double sector with a zero.

The most profitable game is French roulette. It has a sector zero, but if the spinning ball hits it, you won’t lose the entire amount, but only half. That is why in this roulette the winning rate is 98.9%.

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General Roulette Rules

Once you’ve decided on the type, learn the rules. Next, place bets and remember that the more accurate your bet, the more likely you are to stay a winner. No one can influence the course of the game, and it will all depend on your luck.

Before choosing a table, think about your limits. Sit down to play only if the bankroll meets the requirements. Many beginners often make the mistake of trying to predict the number that will fall in the next draw, using the results table from previous rounds. This is not the best strategy because all numbers have the same chance of falling.

When placing bets, understand that there are two types:

● Internal – one number, multiple numbers, and so on. ;

● Exterior – even or odd, red or black, on a column.

The basis of the game is intuition, which beginners rely on. More experienced roulette fans prefer to use strategies, which can make the game more predictable.

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Important tips for every player

Inexperienced users and professionals alike should follow some general tips to avoid losses and play it safe.

First, you should never lose your mind. It refers to users who use strategies to play the game. Whatever happens, you should never stray from the system but follow all of its instructions.

Remember that the numbers that fell before do not affect the results of the next rounds. It should be understood that if even 5 times in a row the color black falls, the next turn the chances of its appearance will be the same as before.

In addition, it is better not to use aggressive roulette strategies. This applies to the martingale. This tactic consists of doubling the bet in the event of a loss. If a user is on a budget, then 3-4 consecutive failures will cause irreparable damage to the player.

You also need to keep your emotions in check. Even the most experienced player can be overwhelmed with emotions, which can lead to serious mistakes. Remember the golden rule of online casino games: if you lose or win $ 100, you can get out of the game. Even experienced players follow this tip to stay safe while playing.

Never play roulette for real money, which you cannot lose! If the amount was originally intended for other purposes, never put it on roulette as the loss will affect the player, both emotionally and financially.

Start training with a free game. This will help you develop the most successful roulette strategy without risking your money. This mode has no limits, allowing you to try your luck for as long as you want.


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