‘Proud’ Daniel Craig Once Revealed How ‘Casino Royale’ Informed All His ‘James Bond’ Movies


In hindsight, Casino Royale turned out to be a monument james bond film. It helped Daniel Craig overcome his fear of heights. It turned the franchise into a box office giant after stalling in the final stages of Pierce Brosnan’s four-movie run. And that gave us a bit of Obligation origin story, a story that Craig said he was “incredibly proud” to have followed throughout his five Obligation movies.

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Craig Proves His ‘James Bond’ Doubters Wrong With ‘Casino Royale’

Craig’s Playtime james bond began by kicking off a backlash from vocal fans who doubted his ability to fill out the tuxedo. It ended with the five films earning nearly $4 billion at the box office.

He’s an actor, not a fortune teller, but Craig knew Casino Royale would prove his skeptics wrong. The Talent Assemble — Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright and Mads Mikkelsen on camera; veteran Obligation director Martin Campbell and Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis behind it – was too great to fail.

And he was right.

Casino Royale has made more than $616 million worldwide (per Box Office Mojo), which is $185 million more than die another dayby Brosnan Obligation final.

But Casino RoyaleCraig’s biggest breakthrough came from how his storyline informed the rest of Craig Obligation movies.

Craig ‘incredibly proud’ of building a narrative theme into his ‘Bond’ movies

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Fast synopsis time: in Casino Royale, James falls in love with Vesper Lynd (played by Eva Green) while he thwarts the plan of a villainous criminal organization. In the end, James reveals his feelings to Vesper, and she reciprocates, only to betray him and soon die.

Craig revealed that the betrayal affected Obligation, not just the character but how the franchise approached the four films that followed. While promoting no time to dieCraig told James Cordon on The late show that the story arc influenced his portrayal of the world’s most famous spy.

“Every time we came to do another movie, sometimes we said, ‘Let’s do a standalone, let’s just do a standalone, just a Bond movie,’ and we could never leave that story alone. It always went into the plot. And so somehow we’ve had this narrative all the way through, and it feels very unique, and I’m incredibly proud of the fact that we did this. It really feels like that binds them all together.

Daniel Craig

Craig and the filmmakers returned to the Casino Royale trace over and over again. Craig, in his quest to forge his unique approach to Obligationand the filmmakers to create a character-driven narrative that the franchise had previously lacked.

The next ‘James Bond’ is still unknown

Now that Craig is done with the role, producers need to find a new lead. However, producer Barbara Broccoli hasn’t even considered who will fill Craig’s shoes (per Squire).

Tom Hardy, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson would be in the running. So are Bridgerton actors Tom Hopper and René-Jean Page, and a slew of British-born gentlemen.

If history is any indication, whoever plays 007 next will have a group of Obligation producers alongside them. Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have deflected criticism and praised Craig, and they’re sure to do the same for the next person to don the tux.

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