one of the most valuable domain names is live



Oddspedia acquired the domain as part of its key strategic expansion into the online casino vertical industry.

Already one of the largest communities of sports fans and gamblers around the world, Oddspedia now aims to create a similar audience in the online casino industry.

After purchasing the unique and highly sought-after domain, the landmark transaction significantly bolstered the casino side of Oddspedia’s portfolio.

The flagship site will be available internationally with English, German and Russian versions initially, with many more languages ​​planned in the future.

Oddspedia plans to create one of the largest casino communities in the industry, with a presence on various social channels. In addition, a casino academy is to be set up in the future, so that every new user can learn everything about casino games from scratch.

Token Kodia, Co-Founder of Oddspedia, said: “Our approach has always been focused on unique products and innovations. We also believe that new features will come from the video streaming media, creating community and building confidence in general, as iGaming is way behind in terms of applications that the player can use to gather information, ideas and offers. value driven.

Kodia added, “We have millions of visitors to our projects and that number continues to grow. Users who arrive from search engines convert to repeat customers because of the quality of our product. We’re seeing a very healthy balance between direct traffic, social media, and search engines. Our expectation is to double our traffic next year with the first class domain of



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