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On Thursday, July 21, Nova Scotia launched its online casino industry on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) website.

The launch sees slots, table games and video poker added to the products and services available on the ALC website, with Nova Scotia becoming the second Canadian province, along with New Brunswick, where the company offers iGaming.

Speaking to the press at the launch, Finance Minister Allan MacMaster said:

“We didn’t want to make a big announcement about it. We don’t really try to promote it. We just wanted to put it there. It’s up and running now and it’s there for people who want to play.

According to MacMaster, the decision to launch the service was made after several months of discussions between lawmakers and ALC-backed supporters. During these discussions, he was made aware of the prevalence of online gambling in the province, noting that:

“People are playing on sites literally from anywhere in the world. There are no guarantees of payouts and there are also, you know, very few protections for people who, you know, can become addicted to them and have other problems with them.

ALC’s casino games are considered a reputable alternative to international websites and will allow players to utilize ‘smart play’ tools that will help a player limit their spending and minimize their losses.

A finance ministry spokesperson said the provincial gaming company expects the website to generate C$10 million ($7.8/7.6 million) in its first run. year. However, MacMaster said finances were not a deciding factor in the launch.

“What really motivated him was the fact that he was there,” he said. “It exists without us and if we’re there, well, at least maybe we can protect people and recoup some of the money that’s leaving our province.”

ALC’s other iGaming market, New Brunswick, launched in 2020 and generated C$7.3 million ($5.7/€5.5 million) in its first year of operation. exploitation. ALC had also successfully reached Prince Edward Island, but the local government has yet to set an official launch date.

Jenny Tang

Global iGaming Analyst based in New York.


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