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Your slogan is that you create slots with a German accent. Can you tell us more about this?

Germany is our market. It’s where we live and work, and also the market we serve. Of course, we would have liked the regulations that came into force last year to be different. But as is so often the case in life, there are opportunities out there.

The German market is large and remains so, despite the adversities. It is the second or third largest market in Europe. And it’s also a particular market in terms of gaming habits and tastes, which we understand well thanks to our years of experience, both on land and online. It’s our “German accent”: from the market, for the market!

We produce games with mechanics, features and math that we know German gamers love. But we also like to take a fresh and modern approach beyond our great graphics. Because this is the second level of our German accent: we want to represent what “Made in Germany” stands for in the best sense: quality, technology and reliability. And, of course, the famous measurement of the absence of humor”.

What makes content the best performer in the German market? What themes/features/etc are players attracted to?

Quality works everywhere, of course, and no matter where it comes from. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to the German market. We know that features that work particularly well in Germany also find followers in the Nordic or Asian markets.

Of course, there are the essential classics that belong in every wallet: good fruit games, ancient Egyptian-themed slots, and more. But to stop there would be too simplistic.

Hold & Respin is definitely a feature that we think was a real game-changer after our first such release, “Total Eclipse”, and we want to explore variations of it.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to some German themes and myths, stories that haven’t been told hundreds of times by game designers. But we don’t want to ignore classic themes and myths, like Norse gods, for example. We want to work internationally.

How do you add the unmistakable German humor to your games and your studio’s brand?

Is there a German sense of humor? Or in other words, is there humor in Germany? We prefer to leave the answer to the readers, but let’s just say this: our industry in general, but also the German regulations in particular, can only be supported with a good dose of humor. Failing that, German beer always helps.

Has the regulation had a negative impact on the German market? How can operators adapt?

For us, the regulations certainly did not make it easier to enter the market as a new supplier. But as we are also aiming beyond the German market, we remain very optimistic. The settlement was positive for us as not all games available on the international market could simply be offered as is in Germany. But the demand from the German market is still high, so it is important to know the needs of the players and to be able to serve them specifically. Simply lowering the RTP will not be enough.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can meet these needs, from themes and game mechanics to the quality requirement. And the list of our partners, such as Relax, Pariplay and United Remote, bears witness to this.

Do you have projects outside the German market?

As I said, although we have to start somewhere, we thought beyond Germany from the start. And our success in other markets is proof of that. It would be presumptuous to go up against the German car industry just yet. But if we did, we’d rather be Porsche than VW.

What lessons did you learn in Germany that will help you succeed elsewhere?

Always expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to regulations. And on the same subject, if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere. And finally, not everything has to make sense, but you have to know how to go about it.


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