Mads Mikkelsen Reveals Almost Cut James Bond Scene From Casino Royale


Casino Royale remains one of the best James Bond films to date. Not only did the film feature Daniel Craig’s interpretation of 007 – a more serious version of a character who had slowly become a punchline thanks to Austin Powers – but also propelled Mads Mikkelsen into Hollywood’s playbook of actors who play greats. bad guys.

However, one of Mikkelsen’s most notable scenes in Casino Royale was cut almost entirely from the film – the torture scene, which he describes as “actually on the cutting table for a while”. Speaking to Total Film for the magazine’s new issue (headlined by The Suicide Squad), the actor detailed his time in the James Bond film. Here’s a snippet of what Mikkelsen said, along with the full Q&A in the magazine.

Total Film: Casino Royale went well, but at the time you were shooting it, was there a lot of pressure? It was a new actor as Bond and a reimagining of the franchise.

It was a double thing. We knew it was new. It was a radical and different thing that we had never seen before. And Bond has always gone one way or another, depending on the actor and the decade, right? The 80s were very different from the 60s, etc. But it may have come to a point where your invisible cars got a little too superhero. They wanted it a little more brutal. We knew it was a great script. So in those terms, we felt like we were on to something that could be great. At the same time, I was new, but they weren’t talking about the new villain; they were talking about the new Bond. So all the pressure was on Daniel [Craig]. I can’t imagine what he was going through, because it’s like the crown jewels of England. James Bond – everyone has an opinion. Every day on his way to work he read a headline saying he sucked; his nose was false; he was blond. He was bombarded with all that bullshit before he saw a single scene, which speaks to how important Bond is, but also how crazy it is sometimes. So his pressure must have been crazy. But he took care of it. And above all, he showed them, didn’t he? And they all came crawling back saying, “I’m so sorry.” Yeah, he was great. It was probably nerve-wracking, but it was a great movie. I think he’s the best Bond ever.

What was it like filming this torture scene between you two?

[laughs] Oh, that was great for me. It’s been a long day for Daniel. He’s basically the one screaming for eight hours. But we had a great time. It was actually on the cutting table for a while, in and out, because it was a bit drastic for Bond. But it was such a beautiful scene, luckily she was back. It was so funny, because we both came from this independent world of cinema. None of us had done anything this size before. And the director, Martin Campbell, gave us some influence. Me and Daniel just took off. We had so many ideas. At some point, he just had to say, “Guys, guys. Come back. It’s a Bond movie.” [laughs ] We left the Bond universe for a while there. But the scene was great, and Martin was right. There was a nice balance.

Mikkelsen can next be seen in UK cinemas in Riders of Justice, which opens this summer, and the Oscar-winning film Another Round, which opens June 25 and is now available on VOD in the US. For Mikkelsen’s full interview — and more — pick up a copy of the new issue of Total Film magazine when it hits shelves (and digital newsstands) Friday, April 30. Check out the new (large flyer) covers, revealed by The Suicide Squad director James Gunn…

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