Luckbox Launches Casino Games, Focuses on Revenue Growth


The famous award-winning betting operator lucky charm launched casino games on its own online betting platform. The new casino is already open to customers and includes a wide variety of sports betting and esports offerings.

Luckbox has added casino games to its offerings

This move is an important step for Luckbox as it seeks to develop its business. By adding casino games to its platform and diversifying its gaming offerings, the company is expected to profit from the growth in the global betting and casino market.

Thomas rosander, the CEO of Luckbox, spoke at length about new casino games and the future of the company. He revealed that the operator’s main goal this year is to recalibrate its next-generation betting platform to set things up for future expansion.

Rosander explained that the deployment of the online casino “marks the most important and visible milestone” to this end. He is delighted that this was achieved even before the end of 2021 and is optimistic for the future.

“The addition of the casino brings Real Luck Group an expected short-term revenue stream in a vertical industry where I have had previous success throughout my career, including my tenure as CEO of Dunder, which has achieved an annual turnover of 80 million euros in less than three years. ”Rosander said.

The company is ready for revenue growth

Rosander continued that as of September 30, 2021, Real Luck Group, the parent company of Luckbox, had $ 16 million in cash and no debt. With such a strong foundation, it is “well capitalized” to continue to evolve the Luckbox platform and continue to drive organic player traffic through its programs.

According to the CEO, Luckbox is currently entering the revenue growth phase. He thanked the entire Luckbox team for reaching this major milestone within the timeframe promised by the company to its stakeholders.

As for the growth phase, Rosander said Luckbox will now be fully committed to it. The company’s plans include stepping up its player acquisition efforts across all of its sports betting and esports verticals. Luckbox is also planning to further develop its new casino games.

“We will continue to iteratively improve our exclusive products as we strive to deliver a superior betting experience to the next generation of players,” he promised. Rosander has promised to keep investors posted on all major updates.

According to industry experts, the global online casino market is expected to reach a total turnover of nearly $ 135 billion by the end of the year. Analysts believe that number will continue to skyrocket in the years to come, making Luckbox’s introduction of casino games a powerful move.

Luckbox’s growth was foreshadowed this year as the company looked to acquire new talent and grow its workforce.


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