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As the gaming industry evolves online, so does much of the massive Asian gamer population. Online slots and lotteries are as popular as anywhere else, but one product trumps all others in the eyes of Asian players: live dealer games.

Assessing the potential of the Asian audience, Slotegrator, a gaming software developer with 10 years of experience in the industry, paid special attention and created a range of solutions for the needs of Eastern markets. Through cooperation with leading game content providers, the developer managed to improve the quality and attractiveness of Asian-focused slots. Slotegrator ensures that games featured on operator sites include local dealers and offer the most popular gaming content in the East.

How it works

Live casino games give players the feeling of being in a real land-based casino. The show is made from a studio with an interior that resembles the luxurious halls of terrestrial gaming establishments. They are equipped with tables and modern technology that offers incredible sound and image quality. Wide-angle HD cameras are strategically placed throughout the studio, some of them filming at maximum zoom. This allows players to easily observe what is happening on the table and in the room.

Professional croupiers or specially trained TV presenters serve as live dealers, manage the game and chat with users in a friendly manner. As a result, the player receives a high-quality broadcast, the atmosphere of a real casino and an exciting game. Anyone can join the table or play privately anytime and from anywhere.

Live dealer games provide players with an increased level of convenience. A recent example of their benefits was how, during the pandemic, live casino customers could play and communicate with other online users without risking their health, providing a much-needed social outlet.

In recent years there has been a trend in Asia for experienced gamblers to turn to online casinos with live dealers. Players enjoy the emotional security offered by dealer support. Through the screen, like in a real game, they answer users’ questions and help them. This interaction gives a sense of control and legitimacy, increasing trust.

What live games are popular in Asia?

The Asian market was an early adopter of live dealer games. Initially, Asian players did not trust the RNG mechanism that was responsible for the outcome of slot games and needed something more transparent. Live games have become a great alternative – the random number generator does not hold the candle to a real person dealing the cards. The most popular games in Asia are Live Dragon Tiger, Baccarat and Super Sic Bo. They are run by merchants dressed in Asian style, in an environment with a design inspired by Asian culture.

Simple and dynamic, Dragon Tiger comes from Cambodia. According to its rules, two cards are dealt: a dragon and a tiger. The winner is determined by the highest card. The player can bet on the dragon, on the tiger or on a draw. He also has the ability to make additional bets.

Baccarat is considered one of the easiest live games to play, often preferred by users accustomed to betting big. The pace of this live dealer online game is just as fast and exciting as in a land-based casino.

Super Sic Bo is a famous ancient Chinese dice game. Today, three dice are used in Sic Bo. The rules of the game provide users with numerous betting possibilities and, respectively, a wide range of payouts.

Why Asian Operators Choose Live Games

Today, with almost every game available on the iGaming content market, it is difficult for an operator to know what to choose for their platform. Nevertheless, the arguments in favor of games with live dealers multiply:

  1. According to a study by GSMA Intelligence, by 2030, 72% of the world’s population will communicate online. Like the rest of our lives, online gambling will also continue to move online.

  2. Live dealer games increase operator reach, appealing to older players accustomed to the traditional casino experience and younger players who already live most of their lives online anyway.

  3. Live dealer games developers are among the most innovative in the industry, constantly coming up with newer and more creative twists on classic games to ensure there is always something exciting for players to try. .

After deciding to launch an online platform, operators should consider the possibility of equipping it with flexible systems compatible with a variety of payment methods, mechanisms for adding game content, and much more. Slotegrator’s many years of experience give the company’s specialists the ability to advise start-up entrepreneurs on all issues of launching an online casino platform, as well as providing recommendations for experienced players in the Asian market .


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