Judi Dench birthday special: From Pride and Prejudice to Casino Royale, 5 of the best films of the Oscar-winning actress according to IMDb!


Judi Dench has repeatedly been considered one of the best British actresses of all time. Her pure talent is unmatched as she performs roles with so much grace and love. Having a wide variety of roles and films, Dench has built a diverse career that ranges from high profile action films to Shakespearean dramas. Dench plays roles that have a real dominant presence and that’s what she’s good at. Judi Dench and his partner David Mills were planning to tie the knot amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dench’s career expanded considerably from appearing in James bond films to bring characters so heavy and heavy to life that you can see how she earned her well-deserved seven Oscar nominations. So in celebration of Judi Dench’s 87th birthday, we’re taking a look at five of his best movies according to IMDb.

Philomena (7.6)

Philomene stars Judi Dench as Philomena Lee. This drama is based on Philomena’s 50 years of searching for her son and how a political reporter helps her find him. History is all kinds of amazing drama that you are looking for from actors of this caliber. The story has a great moral message and that’s what makes Philomena so good.

Belfast (7.6)

Belfast tells the story of a young boy and his middle-class family during the tumult of Belfast in the 1960s. Dench plays the young boy’s grandmother and it is the family dynamic of all the actors that gives this film such a personal feeling.

Skyfall (7.8)

Fall from the sky is Daniel Craig’s third entry in the race as Bond and Judi Dench’s final appearance as M. The film sees Bond come out of his hiding place to deal with a flaw in MI6 that leaked information about his agents online and has a personal score to settle with M. With Judi Dench’s last appearance in the role, it was certainly a heartbreaking ending and one that truly graced the character.

Pride and Prejudice (7.8)

Pride and Prejudice is a film that features five sisters from an English noble land family as they deal with the concepts of marriage, morality and misconceptions. The film received positive reviews upon release for its acting and story. Dench plays the role of Lady Catherine de Bourgh who can be seen as a foil for the protagonist. Judi Dench Birthday Special: Skyfall, Shakespeare In Love, Philomena – Seven films by the actress that are simply the best.

Casino Royale (8.0)

Casino Royale was a reboot of 007 franchise that made Bond gritty and realistic. Daniel Craig takes on the role of Bond as he embarks on a high-stakes card game to stop a terrorist funder from making big bucks. The film received acclaim for reinventing Bond for modern audiences. Dench also reprized his role as M from the Pierce Brosnan era of the Bond films, and it’s a cast that has worked wonders.

Judi Dench is surely a legend in the game and for good reason. Her acting skills are among the best and her title of one of the best British actors is well deserved. With that we end the list and wish Judi Dench a very happy birthday.

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