James Bond: Cavill reveals why he was not chosen for Casino Royale


Henry Cavill is one of the current names vying for fans when it comes to who should reprise the role of James Bond since No time to die will be the last time Daniel Craig will play 007. It’s a bit of the cast right now, but Cavill was once in serious contention to play James Bond before and he reveals why he thinks he was ultimately not chosen. .

In a recent conversation with “Insider” to discuss his journey since “a chubby child” to fit enough of an action star to play the Man of Steel, the actor reflected on how this contributed to his audition for Casino Royale, the film which featured Daniel Craig as James Bond and was set at the start of his career as Agent 007 for MI6. Martin Campbell, who directed the film, told Cavill, then 21, that he wasn’t thin enough for the role, but Cavill said the director’s comments came from a place of “mentoring and guidance” for the actor rather than that of bodily shame. Here’s what Cavill had to say:

“It was his tough loving way of saying, ‘Look, mate, you’re in a Bond screen test. The next time you come to a screen test, really focus on making sure you’re bending over if it’s for something like Bond. “And I wasn’t chubby at all, but I was probably overweight from taking my shirt off in front of the camera.

Campbell said Cavill was the only other “serious” pretending to the role but, in the end, he was simply “too young for this Bond.” This is the first time that the issue that Cavill is not thin enough to play Bond has come up and it looks like Campbell’s words, which could have been interpreted very negatively by some, actually did. good to Cavill. esteem him and probably prepared him to be physically ready for when he will have to fight for the role of Superman. Cavill also continued to show off his physical action and chops in films such as Uncle’s man and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, as well as the Netflix series, The witcher.

Do you think Henry Cavill should be considered to play James Bond again now that Daniel Craig is done with the role?

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