Illinois Quick Hits: Chicago, a top casino market, ex-gambling official guilty of disorderly conduct | Illinois


Former gambling official guilty of falsifying car accident report

A former Illinois Gaming Board agent has been convicted of disorderly conduct after being accused of falsifying information about how his government-owned vehicle was damaged on New Year’s Eve 2019.

The Illinois attorney general’s office says Christopher Peterson filed a false police report saying his state-issued car was hit while parked. He also said his wife took the car without his knowledge and hit a median, but later admitted he hit the median in 2019 at Rosemont, the AG’s office said.

Chicago Among Best Casino Markets

Two Midwest cities rank in the top ten largest casino markets in 2021.

According to the American Gaming Association, Chicago ranked third in the nation behind Las Vegas and Atlantic City with $2 billion in revenue last year. St. Louis ranked ninth with just over $1 billion in revenue.

The trade group said US casinos had their best March ever, with $5.3 billion.

Group cuts gas prices for Biden visit

Americans for Prosperity of Illinois said it lowered gas prices in Kankakee on Wednesday to welcome President Joe Biden to Illinois.

The group says long lines formed to fill up with $2.38 a gallon of gasoline, the average price on the day Biden took office. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in Illinois is now $4.77, underscoring what the group sees as the challenges families in Illinois face due to inflation caused by mountains regulations and years of reckless spending.

Embezzler sentenced to four years in prison

The former comptroller of a Chicago-based insurance company was sentenced to four years in federal prison for embezzling nearly $6 million in company funds.

Prosecutors say Kevin Mix, 43, authorized approximately 42 wire transfers from Insureon to his personal bank accounts. Mix used the stolen money to purchase real estate, luxury automobiles, several diamonds and gold bars, and a membership in a private jet service.

The measure would only require one license plate

Illinois motorists may not be required to display a front license plate by bill.

One measure would change Illinois’ vehicle code to remove the required front plate and save the state $800,000 in plate production. If passed, the Illinois Secretary of State would issue only one license plate instead of two.

Twenty US states currently require a vehicle to display only a rear license plate.

State Police Cadet Incentives

The Illinois State Police announced new incentives for future soldiers.

The Fast Track program shortens cadet training and provides the flexibility to choose which area of ​​law enforcement to specialize in. To be eligible for the program, applicants must be a law enforcement academy graduate and have two years of experience as a full-time police officer.


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