How secure are online casino games?


Are casino games really all about luck, or does the house always win no matter what? Let’s see how secure online casino games are.

When thinking of gambling, many newcomers, especially those who are about to make their first deposit, typically ask, “How secure is online casino gambling”? Sometimes the question of the fairness of casinos in general arises. Some people consider the functionality of the game to be rigged. On the other hand, others vehemently disagree. While we cannot deny the existence of rogue casinos, we have to point out that the vast majority of the online casino community seeks to keep players happy. In the following lines, you will find out if casino games are rigged and how to detect any anomalies during play.

It all starts with casinos

The answer to the question “How secure are online casino games” correlates with the safety and security of the casino in which you play the games. Namely, there are regulatory bodies that serve to protect players from all kinds of abuse. Therefore, these independent companies issue licenses to all casinos that agree to comply with regulatory rules.

Therefore, if a casino is licensed, it could be a great sign for players that the operator is complying with specific rules and legislation. The most prominent regulations come from the UK and Malta. Besides the UK Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, other regulatory bodies issue licenses such as:

  • Curacao,
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and others.

Keep in mind that a casino can have multiple licenses, which contributes to the overall feeling of security. Place your bets only in legitimate casinos will ensure that you have a fair chance when playing.

Presentation of the RNG

Another aspect that shows how secure casino games are is RNG. The Random Number Generator ensures that the outcome of each casino game is independent of previous outcomes.

The concept of RNG was originally introduced in slot machines. The main idea was to make sure that each rotation was free, without counting on the one before or after. Then, RNG has slowly become a staple of every casino game (when possible).

How to tell if a casino is using RNG

The interest of each operator is to show how secure online casino games are. With that in mind, gamers should be aware that most platforms generally report their games using the previously mentioned algorithm.

Now there is also a question of the plausibility of the casinos as to whether they are using the RNG correctly. In this sense, players should be aware that this is one of the reasons that regulators exist. Independent organizations regularly check whether the casino is not abusing the random number generator. Some of the most prominent third-party auditors are:

  • eCOGRA
  • TST
  • Verisign
  • Game Associates

Therefore, operators will highlight some of the logos of these companies on their webpage to show how secure online casino games are on their platforms. Usually you can find the list of games that these hearing organs have tested.

Indeed, the most transparent operators will display these labels on their website. There, players can get a glimpse of who has tested specific games.

Games that do not use RNG

On the other hand, some casino games do not use RNG by default. We are mainly referring to live casino features where you have a dealer while playing against other casino customers. In this case, you must have two things:

  • A little faith in people,
  • Knowledge of the game.

All kidding aside, if you are about to play games like blackjack or any variation of poker, you have to trust your skills. The good news here is that it’s only depends on the players’ knowledge and strategy.

Choose games from leading game providers

It is important to mention that casino games are generally not related to the operator himself. There are software providers that generate these games and distribute them to casinos. With that in mind, some software developers are better than others.

The most prominent game providers regularly check their games with the auditory organs; therefore, they keep clear evidence of the fairness and safety of their games. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check which software developer is standing behind the game you choose to play.

The house doesn’t always win

Speaking of the safety of online casino games, some people will generally try to point out that the house always wins. Before we wrap up if we’re in agreement, let’s first understand the house advantage.

Edge of the house

People love to play and come back to it every time. It’s not about winning or losing, knowing that not everyone benefits. If that was the case, casinos wouldn’t exist in the first place. Gambling sites live to make a profit; there is no question or secret about it. Still, that doesn’t mean casinos should take all the loot. The game must be fair and straight. For this reason, we have what is called the house edge.

This term describes the long-term advantage that an online casino game or gambling establishment has over you. In short, the house edge represents a percentage of money that will return to the gaming platform.

Choose games with Lower House Edge

Those whose primary concern is the safety of online casino games should simply choose the features with a lower house edge. This way, they increase the chances of winning in the long run. The math is pretty straightforward. Games like slot machines generally have a higher ET. Therefore, while spinning the reels, the casinos will have an advantage over the players; However, if you are lucky enough, these games can earn you huge payouts.

On the other hand, games like blackjack or poker have a lower house edge. In these games, the outcome is up to you and Lady Luck. Therefore, the choice of these games will decrease the mathematical influence in favor of the casino. Still, the outcome will mostly depend on you and your skills. In addition, the payouts are not generous like in slot machines, for example. Here you can notice how the risk / reward ratio affects your chances. In other words, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Final thoughts

There is something inexplicable about the game that continually draws people to it like a magnet. Yet a question always comes up in the minds of punters: how secure are online casino games? As long as players follow the instructions mentioned above, the answer is always – very secure.

Therefore, if you are looking to start gambling, check if the online casino is fair and reputable. At the same time, make sure that the games you are playing are from prominent game providers. Finally, choosing the games with the lowest house advantage will ensure that it is only you against the opponent.

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