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Today, the dentsu group announces the launch of teeth games – an integrated solution that brings together the vast gaming heritage and expertise of the dentsu japan network with the global scale and specialist capabilities within dentsu international.

The teeth games The solution will be an enhanced gateway for game developers, platforms and entertainment specialists to work with the world’s biggest and most iconic brands, or partner with dentsu on original IP development. The solution is accessible through its production, creative, CXM and media agencies around the world, including Carat, dentsu X, iProspect, Isobar, dentsumcgarrybowen, Merkle and the Content Business Design Center (CBDC) within dentsu Inc .

As a new global solution, teeth games provides access to a specialized strategy, activation and original development of intellectual property (IP) for brands seeking to connect and navigate the gaming ecosystem. It will also forge new relationships between players, publishers and brands, through strategic partnerships and investments led by Densu.

Lead the global launch of teeth games, comments from Keiichi Yoshizaki, Managing Director, Dentsu Inc; “Our philosophy is that gaming is more than just advertising – it’s about creating, amplifying and adding momentum to the culture and the industry as a whole. With teeth games we do this through our own in-house game studios, innovative business ventures, investments in game start-ups and strategic partnerships on a global scale, which sets us apart from all the rest.

“Our unique gaming heritage in the Japanese market, coupled with the global scale of our international business, ensures teeth games is the perfect way to make genuine and meaningful progress for the betterment of the gaming community, our customers, our partners and of course our employees and their passion for the game.

Through its network of agencies and teams around the world, Dentsu now offers bespoke game / IP development, in-game advertising, commerce, consumer promotions, native game integrations, reality augmented (AR), virtual reality (VR), talent activation, esport and experience as its core capabilities through teeth games.

Peter Huijboom, Global CEO, Media and Global Clients, Dentu International, and one of the main executive sponsors of teeth games, adds: “We have a truly integrated and borderless business model at dentu that ensures transparent sharing of information, in-depth knowledge and specializations for the benefit of our clients, regardless of geography – teeth games is a perfect example.

“By bringing together the exceptional talents and deep gaming expertise of the entire group, this new global solution makes it easier for customers and partners to harness the potential of gaming for business growth through branded brands. Densu agencies in the local market that they already know and trust.

With a legacy of over 35 years in the gaming and entertainment space, Dentu has worked with pioneering brands and developers since the early days of the gaming industry and continues to innovate and innovate. For example, dentsu, co-host of the “TOKYO GAME SHOW”, was one of the main development partners to bring part of this year’s event to the virtual world, producing in partnership with ambr, the virtual reality (VR) request for TOKYO GAME SHOW VR 2021 *.

Powered by thousands of enthusiasts around the world, teeth games is guided by its guiding principle of genuine and respectful engagement within the gaming community. Dentsu stands alongside creators and players to make the future of gaming representative, inclusive and accessible to all.


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