GoldenEye & Casino Royale director reportedly only returning for new Bond actor


Martin Campbell, director of the hit James Bond films Goldeneye and Casino Royale is reportedly returning for a third outing, but only with a new Bond actor.

Martin campbell, director of very successful James Bond entries, Golden eye and Casino Royale, says he would only return to the iconic franchise for a new Bond actor. The 77-year-old filmmaker is responsible for rejuvenating the 007 series during what has arguably been its biggest lulls, and many fans have long been hoping for its return. In terms of box office success and rave reviews, Campbell is one of the franchise’s most famous directors.

The two Golden eye and Casino Royale certainly had the odds against them. As mentioned earlier, during Bond’s two eras, the franchise was in a bit of a doldrums. While fans were eager for a new entry with the 1995s Golden eye, there were more than a few Bond purists who thought Pierce Brosnan couldn’t play the part due to being Irish and not the traditional English superspy as portrayed in Ian Fleming’s novels. A similar bias was held against current Bond Daniel Craig before he made his debut in Casino Royale. This time, purists felt that a blonde Bond was out of the question. The end result in both cases were films that took the franchise to new heights. However, in Brosnan’s case, what started out as a sort of rejuvenation ended up plunging the franchise back into a stagnant state by the time the actor gave his last performance as Bond in 2002.

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With what appears to be a knack for breathing new life into 007 in its most needy stages, many believe the time is once again approaching for Campbell’s return. But with such a record for delivering franchise modification entries, could Campbell pull off another blockbuster? More importantly, is Campbell even interested in this possibility? According to a recent Reddit AMA with the director, he’s definitely interested in a comeback, but with a caveat – he would only come back to direct a new actor as Bond. Check out what Campbell said below:


Of course, Craig’s replacement has been an ongoing issue since the five-time Bond star revealed he won’t be returning after the next one. No time to die. And while this movie has yet to show the world in which direction it takes 007, this current point in franchise history looks a lot like the start of an important transition. For this reason, Campbell could certainly be a suitable option for directing the next Bond film. The real question is whether or not he could repeat the same magic that made Golden eye and Casino Royale the stellar serial entries that they are without a doubt.

With all due respect for Martin campbell, despite his contributions to the Bond franchise, he has already delivered two very successful releases. Although Cary Fukunaga significantly delayed No time to die has yet to prove itself as a refreshing update to the Bond saga, it should definitely get the chance to show fans what he can do with the character and the series. Should No time to die fail to deliver, however, seeing Campbell return to the director’s chair would be a dream come true for many fans.

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  • No Time to Die / James Bond 25 (2021)Release Date: 08 Oct 2021

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