Dream Casting Casino Royale by Quentin Tarantino



The proposed Quentin Tarantino adaptation of Casino Royale is one of the most famous movies ever to be made, and recently made its way into the headlines after Pierce Brosnan told the story to discuss the project. with the maverick filmmaker on too many Martinis.

Tarantino had spoken to Ian Fleming’s estate about the acquisition of the rights, and he wanted to shoot the film in the 1960s, but Brosnan was still reprising the role of James Bond, and sought to both subvert and deconstruct the whole franchise history in the process.

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Ultimately, and oddly by coincidence, Eon quickly gave the green light to his own adaptation of Casino Royale shortly after Tarantino’s interest became public, leading to the Daniel Craig films which will end this year with the release of No Time to Die.

Tarantino doing Leap is one of those big “what if?” Projects that will generate discussion for years to come, but if he did manage to do so, there is no doubt that he would have assembled a hell of a cast as he always does.

Let’s get rid of the obvious first, okay?

When Tarantino toyed with the idea of ​​adapting Casino Royale, he was adamant that he would only do so with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, which is fair enough considering he was the current holder of the famous tuxedo at the time.

Brosnan’s 007 occupies that middle ground where no one ever claims he was the worst Bond ever, but he’s also not often mentioned with the same rarefied air as Sean Connery. After making his debut in one of the franchise’s biggest episodes, the actor grew increasingly disappointed with the films he starred in, as the long series was dangerously close to being rolled off. -parody by the time we reached Die another day.

He deserved a much better start than the one he received, and a Quentin Tarantino Casino Royale would have been a spectacular way for him to go into the sunset as the most iconic secret agent in cinema.



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