Dave Bautista Recreated Daniel Craig’s ‘Casino Royale’ Torture Scene To Win His Role In ‘Spectre’


In Sam Mendes Spectrum, Dave Bautista managed to immortalize himself in the James Bond franchise by becoming part of its mythology. But it wasn’t a role Bautista took easily. To confront 007, the Marvel star had to recreate Daniel Craig’s naked torture scene in Casino Royale.

How Dave Bautista Recreated the Torture Scene for ‘Spectre’

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There was a scene in Casino Royale which was so memorable that Bautista referenced it for his Spectrum hearing. In an interview with Total moviethe star opened up about what he did to get director Sam Mendes’ attention.

“So I did this audition where I recreated a scene from Casino Royale,“, he confided to Total Film.

“It was the torture scene with Le Cipher,” Bautista would later add. “It was the one where he had Bond sitting in a bottomless chair.”

However, revisiting the scene alone wasn’t enough to score Bautista’s role. He was to personally meet Sam Mendes.

“They said, ‘Well, you know, Sam hasn’t decided yet, but he keeps coming back to your tape. He keeps watching it and watching it,'” Bautista continued. about a week after that he called and said, “Well, Sam would like you to come and meet him. I think he kind of wanted to feel me, because a lot of times people have a certain perception of me, especially coming from a professional wrestling background. But I think he wanted to meet me and see if he could co-exist with me.

How Dave Bautista and Sam Mendes Found Bautista’s Unique Line in Film

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Dave Bautista admitted yahoo that he was surprised at how little his character spoke. Because of this, the my spy the actor was constantly thinking about ways to perform his role.

“As if we were jokingly saying, ‘What if he never speaks?’… Or I thought it would be great if right before he spoke, he was ripped off,” he said. “And then we went back and forth, and Sam thought for a minute that maybe Hinx would say something right really deep. [We came up with something] really deep, but it didn’t fit the scene at all.

Because of that, they ultimately decided that Dave Bautista saying s*** fit the character at the end.

Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen wanted to make the torture scene in ‘Casino Royale’ more graphic

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Craig and Mikkelsen’s James Bond torture was a highlight for many for several reasons. Besides his intensity, he showed a vulnerable side of the MI6 agent that was barely seen in the franchise. In an interview with Vulturehowever, Mikkelsen described how he and Craig felt they could do more.

“There were a couple of times Daniel Craig and I went a bit far to the table to discuss what the scene might be capable of. It was a scene where I tortured him and he is stripped down to the chair, which was pretty drastic,” Mikkelsen said.

For the two actors, the scene in question was unprecedented in the history of James Bond. So the couple thought about how to really maximize the potential of the torture scene.

“We’ve never seen Bond naked, and we’ve never seen him look so fragile, and then obviously there’s some innuendo with the rope,” he said. “We were discussing how to approach it, and we just went further with something really brutal and insane. One idea was that I cut it somewhere, and it must have suffered for a while.

Unfortunately, however, Campbell would veto the idea.

“At one point, director Martin Campbell just smiled and said, ‘Boys, come back to the table. This is a Bond movie. We can’t go. We were lost in our independent world, don’t Isn’t it? You have to respect that. It’s a Bond movie,” he and Craig realized.

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