Daniel Craig wanted Casino Royale torture scene to be even more brutal



The gritty and serious reboot has long since become a hit, but just a year after Christopher Nolan’s Batman begins had started the trend that would last more than a decade, James Bond entered the action with Casino Royale.

Following the relatively disappointing Die another day in 2002, which was the most lucrative 007 release yet, but was perilously close to jumping the shark, the franchise had to tear up the playbook and start over. Having reinvented Bond with great success once before with Golden eyeMartin Campbell was the perfect candidate to see if he could do two crushes, and he certainly did.

At the end of Casino RoyaleThe black-and-white prologue of, the film had featured its stand as a spy blockbuster across the world unlike anything the long-running series had seen before, with Daniel Craig instantly allaying any doubts about his suitability. for the title role in a murderous opening sequence that made it clear that this version of cinema’s most famous spy had much harsher edges than its predecessors.

One of the scariest moments of Casino Royale is the torture scene, where Bond finds himself and his nads at the mercy of Mads Mikkelsen’s Cipher. In a new interview, the actor revealed that he and Craig actually ended up getting lost in the moment and taking an increasingly darker and more violent path before their director was forced to remind them what they were working on. .

“There were a few times that Daniel Craig and I went a bit far at the table to discuss what the stage might do. It was a scene where I tortured him and he stripped down to the chair, which was pretty drastic. We’ve never seen Bond naked, and we’ve never seen him so fragile, and then obviously there are nuances with the rope.

We were discussing how to approach it. And we went further with something really brutal and insane. At one point, Le Chiffre actually cut Bond somewhere, and he must have been in pain for a while. At one point, director Martin Campbell was smiling and said, “Boys, come back to the table. It’s a Bind movie. We can’t go there ‘. We were lost in our independent world, weren’t we? You have to respect that. It’s a Bind movie. This is the framework that you need to understand.

It’s definitely one of the most brutal scenes we’ve ever seen in a Bond effort, whatever. Casino RoyaleThe PG-13 rating of, but it could have been a lot worse if the actors had been successful.



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