Daniel Craig is responsible for the most emotional scene at Casino Royale


The documentary Being James Bond revealed that Daniel Craig helped shape a key Casino Royale scene between his Bond and Eva Green’s Vesper.

From the new documentary Being James Bond, Daniel Craig was instrumental in developing one of the Casino Royale most poignant moments. Throughout the franchise’s long history, Bond films have often switched between (relatively) grounded thrillers and over-the-top action blockbusters. Connery Dr No and From Russia with love function as thrilling spy adventures with occasional action scenes, while the likes of Thunder clap Where You only live twice really made up the fantastic items.

The franchise brought things back to spy thriller territory with George Lazenby’s only exit On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The Roger Moore era could be remembered as Bond’s most flamboyant adventures, albeit following the delightfully cartoonish Moonraker, the producers decided to literally bring things back to Earth for its next release. Just for your eyes, who largely avoided gadgets or weird villains. The Pierce Brosnan era ended on a bitter note with the nightmarish idiot Die another day, and while it was a success, the producers again knew they needed a fresh start.


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This launched the Daniel Craig 007 era, with Casino Royale adaptation of the original novel by Ian Fleming of the same name. The movie has all of the exotic locations and action viewers that viewers have come to expect from the franchise, but it was also a much more emotional outing. He finds Bond early in his career 00, where he is tasked with defeating Mads Mikkelsen’s evil banker Le Chiffre, with the help of His Majesty’s Treasury Liaison Officer Vesper Lynd. Bond and Vesper fall in love throughout the story, and in one of the most moving scenes, he comforts her after she helps him kill an assassin. In the new documentary Being James BondCraig is revealed to have played a big part in the way the scene is portrayed.

Bond and Vesper in the shower at Casino Royale

In Casino Royale Shower scene, Bond finds a traumatized Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) sitting under a shower with her clothes on, shaking in horror at having helped kill a man. Bond climbs up next to her, raising the water to keep her warm in one of the franchise’s most tender scenes. In Being James Bond, producer Barbara Broccoli attributes this to the moment the characters fall in love and praises Craig for his contribution to the scene. As written, Vesper was supposed to be in his underwear, but Craig felt it was unlikely that the shaken Vesper had thought about undressing.

Craig also worked with Green and director Martin Campbell to bring out the emotion of the moment, including gently sucking a few fingers to clean up the metaphorical blood that Vesper claims not to wash away. While the scene in the Casino Royale the script was also meant to be a link, the fact that Vesper was pictured in his underwear and the line of description accompanying Bond cleaning his fingers “… of course the non-sexual aspect is incredibly sexy“confirms that it was meant to be a little titillating for viewers. Wisely, the filmmakers rejected this element.

Casino Royale Also returns to the imagery of water when Vesper decides to drown after his betrayal of Bond in the finale. The shower scene was praised by fans of the show and defined the mission statement that the era of Daniel Craig was going to be something very different. Being James Bond also showed that Crag’s creative input had a big impact on the evolution of films.

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