“Casino Royale” voted best James Bond film


In a recent IMDb poll, Casino Royale was voted the best James bond cinema of all time. Not only did he come out on top, but he did so by a landslide, with over 70% of the votes cast in his favor.

The 2006 film was actor Daniel Craig’s first attempt at the role of James Bond. It was the third adaptation of Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel.

Aside from Craig, the film starred Mads Mikkelsen as the villainous Le Chiffre and Eva Green as the agent who ends up dubbing Bond.

The death of Green’s character would be linked to the next one No time to die, the fifth installment of the Bond series.

Casino Royale was praised for making the Bond franchise more intrigue-centric after it became heavily reliant on excessive gimmicks in previous films.

The second film was GoldenEye which saw Pierce Brosnan take on the role of James Bond. It is interesting to note that classic films such as The golden finger failed against the most recent Bond films in the poll.

Specter, the man with the golden gun, Skyfall and The spy who loves me also reached the quarter-finals.

The least popular films, according to the vote, included Octopussy, the lights of the day alive, a sight to kill and Moonraker.

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