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Martin Campbell is one of the few two-actor James Bond directors within the franchise in Pierce Brosnan in the years 1995 golden eye and his successor in Daniel Craig in 2006 Casino Royale. I spoke with Campbell while promoting his latest psychological thriller, Memory, for Open Road Films. He broke down his action releases from his tracks and how he felt about Craig’s last outing as 007 in 2021. no time to diewhich saw the actor retire from the role and saw a shocking first for the franchise in the death of the title character.

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006). Image courtesy of MGM

“I’ve worked with Pierce, both in ‘Goldeye’ and ‘The Foreigner,'” Campbell said of comparing some of his earlier films with the upcoming one. Liam Neeson– featured movie. “[In the latter]he had a much more complex character in there and Jackie [Chan], sure. ‘The Foreigner’ isn’t really an action movie, but it does contain action. So this movie [Memory] is a psychological thriller. There’s action in it, spurts of action in it, but really, I wouldn’t define it as an action movie. I would say it’s more of a psychological and character-driven thriller, I think. Obviously, a complex and interesting plot. There are surprises in it, and I think there’s enough action there to satisfy them. It’s not “Taken”, of course. Hopefully there’s enough action in there for those who love action to satisfy.”

When Campbell helped usher Craig into the role of Bond for Casino Royale, it was a tougher, grittier reboot of the character from the hammy one-liners and more gadget-dependent predecessors. Craig’s success in the role generated the franchise’s biggest box office draws, including those in 2012. celestial fall, the only movie to ever top $1 billion worldwide. On RC released in 2006, it has already set the franchise record worldwide, then at the box office, then at $594 million, not adjusted for inflation. “I think it’s okay, honestly,” Campbell said of his thoughts on no time to die. “His death and so on, which I’m sure Daniel had a say in. I think for a while he always kind of felt like that was the kind of place it would end or definitely his reign as Bond. That’s where it would go. I think that was true. I mean, I really enjoyed the movie, and it felt like a very fitting end to his arc, if you want, and they can start a new Bond. He’ll be called James Bond and they’ll ignore the fact that he died in that one [laughs]. So whoever made whoever the next actor is, it’s fine. You continue and it will continue and continue to be successful.”

Memorywhich also features Monica Bellucci, Guy Pearce, Ray Stevenson, Taj Atwal, Ray Fearonand Harold Torres hits theaters exclusively on April 29.

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