Casino Royale is a masterpiece, according to Reddit


Casino Royale completely changed the James Bond franchise for many years. After the Pierce Brosnan era, where the franchise became gimmicky heavy to the point of bordering on fantasy, Daniel Craig took over the role and things got dirty and grimy, and the franchise became almost more Bourne’s Identity than James Bond.

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Daniel Craig ended his run as Bond with no time to dieand over his entire movie run, most fans consider Casino Royale to be the best of the group. Some even consider the movie a masterpiece in movie history, with several fans praising it on Reddit.


It’s a cornerstone of the action genre

James Bond looking down while holding a gun in Casino Royale.

Casino Royale took a struggling James Bond film franchise and reinvigorated it. One thing the film did was to move the series away from over-the-top gimmicks and instead focus on plot and action.

Reddit user zhawk122 written that they consider Casino Royale to be a masterpiece. They wrote, “I truly believe it’s a cornerstone of the action genre. It sums up the character of Bond perfectly, with great action and witty dialogue.” They ended by saying it is the “most complete” film of Craig’s releases.

It’s a Top 3 Bond movie

James Bond pointing his gun in Casino Royale.

When Daniel Craig entered the franchise with Casino Royale, replacing Pierce Brosnan, he changed everything in the atmosphere of the films. Timothy Dalton was the closest in the series to the Craig films before, but that was enough to lead the film to box office success.

jobi987 wrote on Reddit that he considered it one of the three best Bond films, number one on his list. “I was personally absolutely bowled over by the movie,” they wrote, praising the cast and acting. “Casino Royale took Thick headedand used it to reconstruct Bond for modern audiences,” they continued. “And it worked.”

It made Bond relevant again

James Bond walking with M in Casino Royale.

With movies like The Bourne Identity proving that spy adventures can not only be thrilling, but also violent and realistic, James Bond was starting to lose his footing. Fans saw Bourne in realistic fight and chase scenes, while Bond used invisible cars and ice castles.

As a result, Redditor akimbotranches wrote that “these tributes and nods made Bond relevant again”. The film took what made Thick headed great and then adapted it for the Bond franchise.

The parking lot scene is immaculate

James Bond walking the Casino Royale poster.

Although a single scene does not make a film a masterpiece, Casino Royale there were several who held a high rank. However, the one that showed the film’s tension and excitement was the car park scene, where Bond nearly died and was lucky his story didn’t end there.

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According to missanthropocenex, the parking lot scene was “one of the most perfectly executed scenes and says so much to the audience by barely saying a word”. They added: “In one fell swoop, it showed Bonds’ insecurities, his ability to adapt quickly and achieve his goal, while getting revenge on the guy who wronged him in one economic move. “

Daniel Craig brought new depth to the character

James Bond alongside Vesper at Casino Royale.

While fans loved Pierce Brosnan when he took on the role of James Bond, it was definitely time for him to move on after die another day. It wasn’t necessarily his fault either, it was just that many felt the movies didn’t give him much in the way of depth.

Editor reverend-mayhem wrote that Casino Royale is a masterpiece because Craig brought a new depth to James Bond that wasn’t there before. “He didn’t always know what to do, he made mistakes, he got injured… but that only made it more impactful the times when he knew exactly what to do, recovered from his mistakes and carried on. to get through the pain.”

They came back in Ian Fleming’s James Bond

James Bond talking on the phone in Casino Royale.

Casino Royale not only did everything change with the film, but it brought James Bond back to the start of his career, with a film based on Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel. It showed how the heartbreaking tragedies that befell James Bond in this film helped to alter his path and turn him into what fans had grown accustomed to over the years.

On Reddit, fnordius wrote: “I think a lot of it is how they came back to Ian Fleming’s novel, because his take on Bond was slightly different from where the Broccoli Bond ended.”

Casino Royale did something new with a struggling franchise

James Bond standing near the Casino Royale bar.

After a movie where James Bond drove on ice in an invisible car, it was time for a change. Fans were ready for something different and for the more realistic and violent James Bond that Craig brought them, and this James Bond movie exceeded all fans’ expectations.

StandsInQueueAndTuts wrote on Reddit that “It’s still the best Bond movie for me. It’s a perfect example of taking a struggling franchise and doing something different with it. It’s the beat, it’s the action is dialogue are all on target.”

Perfect characters, perfect script, believable plot

Casino Royale poker players.

What makes a film a masterpiece? It’s a mix of many things. There are great characters, from the antagonist and protagonist to the cast and supporting crew members. The script is still top-notch, with little room to breathe and the tension mounting. Finally, it rarely forces a viewer to suspend their belief in what is happening.

According to _LunchalotWhat’s this Casino Royale gave fans in its cast and crew. “The best Bond movie bar none. Perfect characters, a perfect script, a believable plot without all the usual gimmicks, and a reboot of the series like no other movie before it,” they wrote.

The best version of James Bond

James Bond standing in the water at Casino Royale.

The only thing that Casino Royale had to do was to satisfy long-time James Bond fans in addition to bringing in new ones. That’s easier said than done, as many fans threatened to boycott the franchise when Daniel Craig was hired. In the end, Craig was perfect in the role and won over most fans.

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However, reticle went further and made a polarizing claim. He called Craig “the best Bond ever”, eclipsing even Sean Connery. “They finally got the Bond character right,” he wrote. “The whole character arc and whole mannerisms flow logically from the super simple bottom line: Bond is more virile than the next guy.”

The film was more nuanced than normal Bond films

James Bond playing poker at Casino Royale.

If there’s one thing that James Bond movies rarely are, it’s that it’s nuanced. From Sean Connery’s days as the suave 007 and the two-way days of increasingly ridiculous Roger Moore films to the fantastical nature of Pierce Brosnan, Bond films have never taken themselves too seriously.

It changed with Casino Royale. Editor GrandArcticskies wrote that it’s a masterpiece because “they didn’t go too far like the following bond movies to make it a crazy action movie”, adding that “Casino Royale was good because it had a lot of nuances and complexities.”

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