Casino Royale and GoldenEye Director on What’s Next for James Bond


“I would definitely consider it if they asked me,” says Campbell. “But which direction it’s going, I just think it would be a continuation of what Daniel did. It’s a much more cerebral leap now, if you know what I mean. It’s a thinking leap. sort of a tortured Bond. Although I sometimes miss the humor in the last two versions of Bond, it has brought a kind of depth to it.

Campbell adds that he thinks the world has changed too much for the next actor to play Bond or the next adventure he makes headlines to return to the country antics of many of the previous films.

“Whoever takes over the role next, I think they’ll continue in that kind of pretty realistic and gritty tone that we really put from Casino Royale on, ”he explains. “I think they will have to, because I don’t see them going back to the Pierce or the Roger Moore [style], the madmen who invade the world. It’s probably going to be a lot more based on world events and what’s going on now – I think that’s where he’ll be heading. “

Right now, there are just endless rumors and no official word on the lucky actor who will don the famous tuxedo and drive the Aston Martin after Craig; we don’t expect to get any clues until No time to die is taking its course. But with two successful Bond raises already under his belt, Martin Campbell may seem like an obvious candidate to reboot 007 for the third time – whoever then gets that license to kill.

The protected hits theaters this Friday (August 20).


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