Only in the case of a guarantee, it looks different. Use the credit comparison now to apply for your car loan safely and unbureaucratically.

Car loan despite guarantee – background of the guarantee

Car loan despite guarantee - background of the guarantee

Not every borrower meets the requirements for lending. No credit is then possible on your own. But, a good friend or family member could be the solution. After all, lending with solvent guarantor is considered safe. The bottom line is the bank grants the loan. But what if the guarantor himself needs credit?

Is a car loan granted easily despite a guarantee? It is precisely here that depends on the individual case. Because, basically, the guarantee given does not reduce your own creditworthiness. But, only as long as there is no guarantee.

Car loan despite surety – risks of surety

Car loan despite surety - risks of surety

Most banks only accept the joint and several guarantee or require a co-applicant. It’s about quick access to security.

In the case of a joint and several guarantee, the borrower does not even have to prove his insolvency so that the guarantor has to pay. If the installments fail to materialize, the bank immediately engages the guarantor.

A guarantee has risks that a guarantor from close relatives or friends often does not think about.

Warning to potential guarantors:

Guarantors must under no circumstances assume that “the borrower is already paying”. This may have the best will. But often scenarios arise that the surety cannot influence. For example, one of them would be unexpected unemployment.

Anyone who signs a surety should know exactly what can “come”. The bank will not torch long in the event of a loan default, but will instead claim its money. The guarantee is binding. It obliges to fully pay for the loan and all enforcement costs. Anyone who accepts a guarantee should definitely be able to bear the possible costs. Bailiffs should know that a guarantee can mean financial ruin for the guarantor.

Car loan despite guarantee – guaranteed without any problems

Car loan despite guarantee - guaranteed without any problems

The guarantee constitutes a contingent obligation. This means that the guarantor only has to pay the borrower’s loan under certain circumstances. In addition, the guarantee is not necessarily reported to credit bureau. Seen in this way, it is “neutral” to guarantee.

The desired car loan despite a guarantee is not a problem. After all, no ongoing payments reduce the budget surplus. In addition, the guarantor of the guarantor kept clean, since the guarantee did not lead to negative consequences. Incidentally, this also explains the big difference “only to be guaranteed” to a loan with a second borrower. Because only in the case of a guarantee does the score deteriorate.

In that case, the loan is basically considered “non-performing”. It stands in the guarantor of the guarantor with the same meaningfulness as a personal loan that was not serviced on time. Against this background, the car loan becomes a problem despite the guarantee. The personal credit rating is reduced by the guarantee, because it is now credited to him like a loan.

Therefore, borrowers who do not have the necessary creditworthiness should forego a guarantee.

Car loan despite a guarantee – how do guarantors protect themselves?

Car loan despite a guarantee - how do guarantors protect themselves?

Anyone who provides a guarantee should, with all confidence, gain insight into the borrower’s finances. One way of doing this would be to look through the borrower’s bank statements before the guarantee.

If there are chargebacks or payments to collection, immediately withdraw from the guarantee. This also applies in the event that the overdraft facility slips deeper and deeper into the red. Due to false good-naturedness, guarantors often do not understand that the demand for a guarantor is not out of thin air. Not everyone can afford the loan they want.

The bank only requests a guarantee if it recognizes significant risks to the loan. Nevertheless, many of course want to help. The best way to protect yourself is to take the reins yourself. Have the credit installment debited from your own account. The surety takes care of the settlement through his payment. If he cannot do this, at least there will be no problems with the bank.

In conclusion – the guarantee is again not negative for the score. The car loan is no problem despite a guarantee.


If a guarantor cannot obtain a loan due to his guarantee, the creditworthiness could be restored. This is possible through the exchange of guarantees.

Car loan despite surety – surety exchange

Car loan despite surety - surety exchange

Banks only show their willingness to exchange guarantees if an equivalent, solvent guarantor takes over the guarantee. In order to escape from the guarantee, there is also a second starting point.

The bank releases the guarantor from liability if the borrower’s financial situation has changed advantageously. However, this path only works in exceptional cases. Every bank works according to the motto: double stitching is better.

Car loan despite surety – alternatives

Car loan despite surety - alternatives

Generally, borrowers who cannot afford a loan should not apply for one. However, if the loan request is urgent and can only be realized through a guarantor, plan carefully. For example, a dedicated car loan could be the solution. Basically, a car loan with a vehicle letter as credit protection. Instead of the planned new car, it could also be a used one.

This would not make the loan amount too high. Banks usually grant smaller loans without guarantors. Financing without guarantor from the dealer would be an option. The dealer credit serves to promote sales. It is still granted without a guarantor when regular banks frown and demand collateral.

When it comes to new vehicles, retailers think in a particularly “generous” context. For example, the three-way financing could put the question of surety into perspective. However, this is only a good thing if a large down payment is made. The monthly charge is very low.

But at the end of the term, the high final rate has to be financed. If no reserves have been created, the auto bank guarantees the successor loan.

An alternative would also be allowed to return the car to the dealer.


If you want to apply for a car loan, you should already have the necessary credit rating. Just to purchase the latest model, a car loan should not be taken out with a guarantee.

However, if there is an urgent need for action because, for example, professional existence depends on it, a surety with a familiar person can be an alternative. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the risk of surety.

Just ask for a guarantee – only provide a guarantee – if the loan is really secure. In the same breath, the car loan does not become a problem for the guarantor despite the guarantee.