Best casino games for your Android



The variety on offer is one of the main reasons why so many people are now choosing online casino games.

If you are planning to start playing on an Android device, you can choose from a variety of different games, but which types are best suited for a mobile approach?

Slot machines

Slot machine games are generally the most common titles at mobile casinos. One of the reasons for this is that the format works well on a smartphone. The screen only has to show a few reels with clear symbols on them and the basic controls that let you play.

The best gaming sites offer a large selection of different slot machines on a variety of themes. From sports to ancient Egypt and dragons to Greek gods, slots cover a wide variety of themes, meaning they appeal to all kinds of players. They are now far from the first Liberty Bell Machine created at the end of 19e century.

The gameplay is also varied, with the number of reels and the features used factors that are different on these games. The core gameplay is very straightforward, but after that there are plenty of ways to play that help keep the genre fresh.

Video Poker

Just as easy as slots and just as satisfying to play and win, video poker has a similar type of layout that looks clean and uncluttered on Android smartphones. The big difference with slot machines is that video poker is all about trying to create a winning poker hand.

You are dealt 5 cards and must decide which ones to keep and which to replace. The only thing you need to do is get a good hand such as a royal flush, a straight or a square. Take a look at the paytable to understand how much you could win with each of these combinations.

As with slot machines, there are many variations of video poker, but rather than changing the theme, the rules vary from version to version. For example, the jacks or the best games pay on 2 jacks or if you get two other identical figures. With joker poker, the joker card is used as a joker, which makes it easier to make a winning hand, and you can click here if you want to play. video poker games via the Bovada online casino.


Blackjack is a card game with a long and interesting history. It seems safe to say that most people already know the the basics of this gamebecause it’s trying to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over that number. This simple and widely understood gameplay makes it an ideal type of Android game.

As with the other games we’ve reviewed, a clean and simple layout makes it ideal for playing on a smaller screen. All you have to do is choose your bet level and then hit the trade button. Depending on the cards you are given, you may want to perform actions like hitting, staying, doubling, or splitting your cards into two new hands.

You will also see a great variety in these games, with different rules used to introduce changes such as adding side bets or allowing you to play with multiple hands at once. Another great option is to play with a live dealer, who will deal the cards right in front of you on the phone screen, with stylish casino backdrop in the background.


You might think that roulette is a more complicated game to play on the screen of an Android. Still, it is very easy to find a beautiful roulette game where the controls are easy to use. Place your bet on the number or group of numbers that you think will appear, then watch the wheel spin.

There are two main ways to play mobile roulette. The first is with a computer generated wheel where the results are created randomly as you go. The other is with a human dealer who spins a psychic wheel every time. The idea is the same in each case, so it’s really just the presentation that varies.

To discover the different rules, you have to go beyond the presentation to see the types of roulette offered. For example, American versions have a double zero while European games have only one pocket zero. There are also additional bets such as neighbors zero available in some European variations of the game.

Which game to choose?

Each of these types of casino games have stood the test of time and remain as popular as ever. The way we can play on mobile devices has opened them up to a lot more people, which means their popularity is expected to continue to grow over time.

To decide which one to try, you might want to taste each one. Considering the great variety on display, you are almost certain to find something to suit you.



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