Are we in the golden age of casino games? – News from the European gaming industry

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There’s no denying that online casino games have advanced by leaps and bounds since they arrived on your internet-connected devices, especially in the last 25 or so years.

In the early 90s, the Internet was very different from today’s streamlined and fast-paced world, characterized by constant engagement. People were amazed at the emergence of color displays for our computers that at the same time gained in data processing speed. Cell phones were slowly gaining computing power, moving towards being able to do more than just play “snakes” or “bricks” as the only form of entertainment they offered.

We now see that cell phones can handle the vast amounts of data that computers can, as well as deliver stunning graphics, cinematic-like animations, and consistent, uninterrupted streaming as the norm. Meanwhile, computers have gotten better and even faster, with the most complicated processes taking only seconds.

All of this vast computing power has also been harnessed by the gaming industry whose clever developers are now able to provide customers with an incredible, high-tech and immersive gaming experience that we not only take for granted, but that was not considered possible a mere quarter of a century ago. And not having to visit a brick and mortar casino also adds popularity to the gaming experience.

One of the most popular online games of chance, the humble slot machine, has truly entered its golden age. Gone is the one-armed bandit method of pulling an inline lever or pressing an inline button where customers hoped for a simple match through a one-line win. Now there are features and additions that offer an endless combination of payout options, free spins and bonus opportunities, some outside of the main spin game that customers could only dream of before, including the favorite of modern customers, the progressive jackpot. And the progressive jackpot is not limited to slot machines either! There are now thousands of online casino games to choose from.

The power of modern computing has also ushered in the golden age of online tournaments, live dealers and multiplayer games, all with the added ability to “chat” with other players. Live dealer games can now not only be streamed directly from casinos, but can also include all sorts of immersive takes on traditional tabletop betting placement to make the experience even more enjoyable. The player can have the impression of being there.

Online multiplayer games and tournaments add social interaction to the gaming experience, sharing the exhilaration of your victory or the commiseration of being beaten in second place. Some of the more creative casinos offer a collection of varied games for a collective “race”, where the winner takes it all, adding competitiveness and excitement to the mix.

As mobile phones have become more powerful, developers have been able to exploit the fast internet combined with great mobile graphics to allow previously PC-only games to run on mobile devices. And thanks to modern technology, it is possible to switch between devices without the need for an individual profile for each device used.

You also have the added security of being able to use secure third-party money apps rather than connecting directly to your bank.

However, a word of caution; At this point, it is advisable not to venture into blockchain or cryptocurrency payment options for now until these funding methods are fully regulated.


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