5 Casino Games to Play Before Your Next Beach Getaway


Summer is right around the corner, which means now is the time to start booking your trips and stocking up on SPF-50. For many of us, the most exciting part of preparing for a vacation is getting in the mood for the trip ahead. For some of us, that means watching iconic movies and reading gripping novels set in the destinations we’re heading to.

For some, that may mean playing immersive video games that manage to bring these destinations to life. Another way to prepare for a beach vacation is to try themed casino games that celebrate everything we love about our sunny days on the beach. beach. Here are some of our top picks for holiday-themed casino games.

Magic Tiki

One of Paddy Power’s most popular slot games, Tiki Magic is a 5-reel slot game set on an idyllic Hawaiian island. Load up this slot to be greeted by the soothing sounds of azure blue waves lapping on the white sand beaches of the Big Island, making this game ideal for anyone planning a tropical getaway this summer. Winning symbols include voodoo-style heads, grass skirts and exploding volcanoes that offer players up to 5,000 times their stake back as the top prize.

The Riches of Don Quixote

This one is specifically for fans of classic Spanish literature, as it’s inspired by Cervantes’ magnum opus itself. This 5-reel slot is essentially a love letter to the most beloved Spanish novel of all time, featuring knights in shining armor, Moorish pirates and the occasional appearance of the iconic protagonist. If you’re planning a trip to Spain in 2022, you might enjoy the beautifully rendered scenes of Spain’s dramatic coastline and northern Spanish hills.

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5 Casino Games to Play Before Your Next Beach Getaway

bonus island

Bonus Island is a pirate-themed slot game set in the secluded coves and alluring waters of the Caribbean. The 6×6 slot itself is a little higher in octane than the others on this list, with the occasional battle cries of pirates and the sound of cannon fire punctuating the gameplay. However, it’s a must-play for impatient vacationers, as the high-quality graphics and background noise do a great job of evoking the atmosphere of an off-the-grid Caribbean getaway.

Amazon Island

This 6-reel Megaways slot is specifically meant to celebrate the escape from the frantic race and the jaw-dropping beauty of the Amazon. In the plot of the game, you play as a businessman tired of the 9 to 5 and who prefers to try his luck in the isolated and lush landscapes of the most intriguing and precious wilderness on Earth.

You’ll find soothing sounds that replicate the natural cacophony of the rainforest, plus playful monkeys, parakeets and baby leopards that serve as winning symbols. If your goal this summer is to get away from it all, this slot is for you.

If you want to try out a casino slot machine to get you in the mood for your next summer vacation, these titles should be high on your list.


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