5 Best Casino Games for Basketball Fans


Basketball is one of the most exciting and enjoyable sports in the world. This thrill doesn’t stop with the players; it extends to spectators, fans and everyone involved in the game. Away from basketball, many fans seek other means of adventure and excitement, and they get involved in many other activities to achieve this desire, including playing casino games like American Roulette online.

There is no doubt that casino games offer a lot of fun, unpredictability, action and a chance to win real money – these are some of the characteristics that attract these fans to basketball in first place. Whatever your preference, there are casino games to suit your needs.

Suppose you are having trouble identifying the right casino games that might be great for you as a basketball fan, this article will discuss the best options you can consider right now.

The best casino games for basketball fans

While there are several casino games you can try out if you like slam and dunk gambling, here are some of the best ones you should play if you fancy the experience and feel of your favorite sport:

1. Casters

Roulette is an exciting game that doesn’t require much of your skill. The surge of excitement you feel just before Michael Jordan hits the dunk isn’t limited to the court; you can also feel it at the roulette table.

There are several versions of the wheel of fortune, but they have similar procedures and rules, with a few exceptions. Roulette rules are simple and easy to follow; bet on a number and hope that the dice rolled will land on that number. If so, you could go home with a fortune; if not, you can always play again.

2. Video Poker

If you have a keen eye to back the winning team, you should give video poker a try. Video poker is a fixed odds game derived from the five card poker variant. Although it shares physical similarities with slot machines, they have different games.

You can find several types of video poker in physical and online casinos, but the most common are Deuces Wild and Jack or Better. Video poker is easy to play; you will receive a poker hand of five cards, which you decide to keep and discard.

After scrapping, you must request new replacements. The object of this game is to get a winning poker hand, which includes Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and many more.

3. Basketball-Themed Slots

Slot machines are a type of casino game that involves spinning the reels. You spin the reel and win real money if your symbols line up. The hype with slot machines is that they are usually themed, from popular movie shows to TV soap operas. Yes. There are also several basketball-themed slot machines. Some of them are:

Basketball Star is a famous sports-themed slot from Microgaming. It features modern animations with high-quality graphics that give you an authentic experience while offering 243 paylines with an RTP of 96.45%.

All basketball fans have played this sport, watched it or fantasized about it. You can continue this experience with Slam Dunk slots. Although released in 2013, Slam Dunk offered the gaming community some of the best sports-themed features, from cheerleaders and jerseys to real-life basketball characters.

And while Slam Dunk is like most machines, the advantage is that you can double down – a feature that continues your winnings and allows you to bet more on your lucky streak.


Blackjack is well known for its simple nature. Play against your dealer’s hand – which would be a computer if you’re playing online – and reach 21 before him. Bust is not to go over 21. This is perfect for fans who know the importance of points.

Like the sport itself, several rules come with the game of blackjack, such as the hit rule, where you can ask for more cards; the stand rule that says you don’t need any more cards; the splitting rule, where you split two big cards to avoid a bust; and much more. If you follow these rules, low-house edge blackjack will definitely win you money.

5. Craps

If you like the uncertainty that comes with every basketball game, playing craps is your best bet in casinos. It’s a dice battle; bet on a number, roll your dice and hope it lands on the number you bet on.

Although it may seem like an unconventional game, it’s perfect for fans who love the thrill and unpredictability of basketball game nights.

Final Thoughts

Playing casino games has many benefits for sports fans. Along with meeting other like-minded people, you can also hone your gambling skills, earn money, and have the opportunity to invest in your favorite sports.

It offers gamers the ability to incorporate their favorite sports into an entertaining activity like gaming; killing two birds with one flea.


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